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    Booster Shots, Kids & Masks, Vaccine Mandates, & SCIENCE (w/Dr. Vinay Prasad)

    • calendar_today September 15th, 2021

    Tha’ Notorious VP returns to talk about the numbers around mandates, booster science or lack thereof, masking young kids, and more!

    Topic list:
    0:00 Intro
    0:31 The science on masking young children
    6:29 Criticizing irrational views held by rational people, kids’ masking
    9:47 Bangladesh mask study promoting surgical masks over cloth in adults
    13:29 Vaccine mandates, do they make sense to actually improve outcomes, an analysis
    23:18 What’s going on with irrational college campus COVID policies, the testing industry’s influence on policy
    27:16 FDA resignations and the controversy over COVID boosters
    29:18 Flaws/bias in Israeli vaccine data sets
    32:00 Boosters in healthy people, the FDA resignations, and political pressure
    35:42 Creating psychological reactance and tribalization in response to mandates and poor communication
    38:05 The John Mandrola myocarditis study controversy
    44:04 #medtwitter madness and using vaccines off-label for kids
    52:06 The Ivermectin overreaction in the media
    54:32 The modern sense-making crisis and the influence of social media in sowing division and culture wars
    58:17 Vinay’s possible dystopian scenario on government overreach
    1:03:41 Why the haters, and why block people on Twitter, credentialism, Alt-Middle, religion and science, and more

    Video & Transcript Here

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