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    We Must Question The COVID-19 Status Quo (w/Dr. Jay Bhattacharya)

    • calendar_today September 14th, 2020

    Dr. Jay Bhattacharya is a Stanford physician and economist and co-author of several seroprevalence studies on COVID-19.

    In this must-watch interview, we talk about EVERYTHING, including the true infection fatality rate, comparisons to influenza, drama around his Santa Clara antibody trial, reinfections, vaccine development, economic and social impacts, why we MUST reopen schools NOW, the horrors of censorship of scientists and opposing dialog, how Stanford is contributing to the problem of stifling dissenting opinions, Dr. Scott Atlas and his advisory role to the president, empathy vs. compassion with regards to COVID, and MUCH MORE.

    This is a must-listen interview with a really smart and thoughtful scientist who has been too-often maligned and mischaracterized by the media.

    Video and transcript here

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