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    Treating Our Pandemic Of Emotional Repression (w/Dr. Angelo DiLullo)

    • calendar_today February 1st, 2022

    A deep dive into actually FEELING emotion as part of the process of awakening.


    00:00 Intro

    02:26 Consciousness as a movie screen vs. the story of our lives displayed on the screen

    09:24 Why the sense of separation returning can make things feel worse after an experience of expansive presence

    14:58 Awakening and repressed emotion, the shedding of inauthenticity

    20:18 How and when to investigate the source of emotions

    22:38 Untangling thought from emotion, dealing with habitual fixations, thought storms

    27:55 Resistance to emotion vs. surrender and acceptance

    33:00 The effect of meditation retreat on emotion

    35:48 The standing wave of thought identification and the pandemic of emotional repression

    42:03 Zubin’s post retreat experience of thought and emotion

    44:40 The effect since our first shows on awakening, the way out of suffering

    48:14 Wrapping up

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