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    Omicron, Depression, Imposter Syndrome, Benzos, Insomnia (w/Dr. Rachel Zoffness)

    • calendar_today January 30th, 2022

    Episode 2 of our Pain Points series with the OTHER Dr. Z!

    In this episode we dive deep into what “mild” Omicron infection means, why depression is biopsychosocial ALWAYS, how to manage imposter syndrome & insomnia, and why benzodiazepine medications are often a disaster. See all our episodes with Dr. Rachel Z here. Grab her outstanding Pain Management Workbook here. Find her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
    Topics and Timecodes:

    00:00 Intro

    03:51 Rachel got the Big O (Omicron) & post-infection immunity

    08:31 Why a mild case still sucks, the anxiety contagion, public health communication

    14:20 Placebo vs nocebo, why words make a difference in suffering

    22:25 Long COVID vs long tail symptoms, cognitive distortions

    27:15 “Bug chasing” & why it’s a bad idea

    31:07 Depression, reductionism & the biomedical model of health

    38:15 The psych bubble, role of thoughts, emotions & coping behaviors

    48:27 The social bubble, role of relationships, isolation, & other factors

    51:47 Depression’s complex nature & treatment tools

    58:14 What is imposter syndrome & why it’s so common

    1:05:20 4 steps to overcoming imposter syndrome

    1:16:31 The dark side of benzodiazepines & why they’re not a magic cure

    1:20:01 Alcohol, THC, medications & insomnia

    1:28:09 Sunlight, stimulants & what to do if you can’t sleep

    1:38:42 Napping, melatonin & treatment of underlying factors

    1:41:28 Final thoughts, submitting your questions for future episodes


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