This video is dedicated to all those hardworking immigrant clinicians who bust their butts on the daily to care for our most vulnerable patients.

It’s a tribute to “Foreign Medical Graduates” like my father, who came here with almost nothing but the desire to care for others while making a better life for their families and communities. They are a true American success story, and they’re often the backbone of healthcare in our rural and disadvantaged communities.

Let’s laugh while joyfully celebrating the contributions immigrants have made to our healthcare system and local communities.

Communities like Victoria, Texas, which opened its doors and lent some legendary Texas hospitality to Team Z for our video shoot. Docs, residents, nurses, NPs, MAs, pharmacists, staff, firefighters…they all contributed to this musical tribute and made it possible. Don’t miss the behind-the-scenes live video we shot on location with the wonderful healthcare professionals who gave up their weekend to film with us!

Share this video with every international clinician and healthcare pro you know! Where my Desi docs at?

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Track available on iTunes and everywhere fine medical musical parodies are sold.

Live on set from Victoria, TX:

Credits (Just a few; SO many people contributed!)

Written and Performed by ZDoggMD, a Parody of The Barenaked Ladies’ “One Week”


Lyrics by ZDoggMD (with an assist from Tom Hinueber, Logan Stewart, and Dr. Neela Sethi)

Audio Engineering and Sitar/Instrumentation by the BRILLIANT Devin Moore

Cinematography/Editing by Logan Stewart

Crew: Chanston Bender and Ethan O’Donnell

Cast (if we missed you, message us!):

  • Dr. Manju Sachdev-Chandna, MD: Pediatrician, Victoria, TX. Lead female classical Bollywood dancer and Choreographer.
  • Dr. Harish Chandna, MD (and Cardiology partners): Interventional Cardiologist, Victoria, TX. Lead Punjabi doctor.
  • Drs. Cesar and Chris Velasco, MD: Physical Rehabilitation Medicine and Internal Medicine, Victoria, TX. A special thanks to them for bringing ZDoggMD to Victoria and helping to initiate the whole project.
  • The Family Medicine Residents, Victoria, TX: A special thanks to the awesome residents and residency program coordinator for giving up their weekend time and making this video AMAZING.
  • Neha Chandna and Megha Chandna, Victoria, TX: The BOOM INDIAN BABES 😉

Shot on location in Victoria, TX. Special thanks to Patrick Ferkany, manager of the Victoria Country Club for allowing us to use the grand ballroom to shoot the grand Bollywood dance sequence.


There’s this 1 Sikh in the doctor’s lounge
A punjabi guy whose name no one pronounce
Five Jains in emergency, saying
Get that corn dog away from Dr. Mukerjee
Three docs in the ICU, 
I realize they still eat meat although they’re Hindu
Everyday it’s the IMGs
They got the MBBS instead of the MD

Hold it now and pass the chutney
As I make the curry
Because I’m starvin’ like Ghandi
I summon goat to my throat
Although I like my eggs poached
There are those Desis who will never touch a cow beef
Hot like masala when I make rounds
I take your pen now
Because I’m all about value
Asha Bhosle got the mad hits
You tryna dance, bitch?
Got Dr. Singh up on my dance crew
Gonna take my break, the nurses quake 
I’d like to bake the potluck cake
But I like tandoori it’s the finest of the flavors
Gotta treat this bro
Golytely goes
Right thru my scope down to his toes
And out the anus
Hope that patient signed a waiver!
How can I help it if I shake my head affirmative
Trying hard every day just to blend in
I’m the kinda doc who still sees Medicaid
Can’t understand what I say
When I dictate 
I have a tendency to call the women “Auntie”
I have a history of voting for Trump (shhhh)

There’s this 1 Sikh in the doctor’s lounge
Makes Sanjay Gupta look white, yeah he’s THAT brown
Five Jains in emergency why is it
They just do just 1 thing, it’s cardiology
Three docs in the ICU
You’ll never get em in the same room unless there’s free food
Yesterday they called ‘em FMGs
And it’ll still be three years till they see their families
Tika masala, the Desi chicken
You have a drumstick and your heart stops ticking
Watching Bollywood with no lights on
Check out Amir Khan
He does the slo mo run in this one
Like Bobbi Jindal I’m tryna act white
Kay that just ain’t right
Because I only drive Camry
Like Shyamalan I make mad films
K I just read films
With Dr. Raj in Radiology
Had to get a second set of tests
Cuz US medicine insists
Two residencies but I’m still having no bling
Gotta get in tune with nephro, dude
Cuz every June they got the BOOM Indian babes 
That make me click the wrong thing
How can I help it if I immigrated only
I bust my butt for community and family
We’re the kinda docs who care unconditionally
Can’t understand why they’re mean
But it hurts, chief
I have a tendency to bathe in the Ganges
I have history of active TB

There’s this 1 Sikh in the doctor’s lounge
Works way harder than most docs in this town
Five jains in emergency
They tap that what’s app and call their moms daily
Three docs in the ICU
You realize they’re still on call, but that’s how they do
Everyday it’s the IMGs
And it’ll still be three years till they lose a spelling bee
And it’ll still be three years till they lose a spelling bee
So bust out the naan and toast up the roti!

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