ADDENDUM: only ONE group submitted a video! I guess nurses ARE understaffed 😉 So we made the video ourselves! #YoureWelcome

Here’s your chance to celebrate Nurses Week while becoming SUPER DUPER WORLD FAMOUS!

We’ve recorded a crazy Moana-inspired tribute to our hard-working, caring, and uber-smart nurses around the world. Stream and download it below, and hit the “lyrics” tab to see the lyrics.

Then get your crew and record yourselves lip-syncing the words. The crazier the better. The more medical the setting, the better. Phone video is fine, but if you can do better that’s even better.

Then email your clips (and any pics if you like) with all the info you want us to include in the credits (names, institutions if you like) to zubin at turntablehealth dot com. “Dropbox” is the best way to share video, you can just send me the link. You can also send links to your videos via the contact form on this website.

We need video and picture submissions by May 3rd if it’s gonna make the final cut.

Share this with EVERYONE. We want an amazing video that’s all about you.

PS: you’re welcome 😉


Okay, okay, I see what’s happening here

You’re face-to-face with greatness and it’s strange

Your pain scale is 10 while asleep

It’s adorable

Well, it’s nice to see that patients never change
The IV is in, let’s begin

Yes it’s really me, it’s your nurse, breathe it in

I know it’s a lot: the scrubs, the crocs

When you’re staring at this lovenox
What can I say except “you’re welcome”?

For the ice chips, the meds, the food

Hey, it’s okay, it’s okay

You’re welcome

Cuz that intern really doesn’t have a clue

(he was gonna kill you)

What has two gloves and shoved in a cath

When your prostate was all jacked?

This gal!

When the ward got cold

who stole you blankets and pillows?

You’re looking at her, yo!

Oh, also I titrate the drip

You’re welcome

To stop V-tach and slow A-fib

Also, I harnessed the tools

Your Hoyer!

To lift your butt and help you poo
Well anyway let me say you’re welcome

For the caring and brains that we show


You’re welcome!

But these jacked up staffing ratios gotta go!

Doctors they say, oh hey you’re welcome

But it’s nurses that run this show

You can never take me away

You’re welcome.

Cause this nurse can do anything but float!

You’re welcome

And thank you Nurses!

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