In the middle of changing yet another overstuffed, poo-leaking diaper a few nights ago, I got to thinking: I’m probably WAY too old to still be wearing diapers.

Which naturally got me ruminating on our overburdened healthcare system. There simply won’t be enough primary care types to care for the massive influx of patients expected under a “universal” coverage system. Our hospitals and clinics will be overstuffed, with considerable leakage of poo.

What to do? Millennial medical students, like the rest of their coddled cohort, make unreasonable demands for more family time, more predictable work hours, and piles of cash-money. That leaves primary care to us Gen-X chumps, and our backs are starting to hurt. Not to mention the incontinence.

That’s why we here at ZDoggMD Industries have developed the latest in physician-assistant technology. He’s cheap, effective, and only moderately infectious. He’s Dr. Bobo™!

*always gel hands after flinging feces

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