Looks like our health care debate has been “Frozen” in partisan squabbles. Is it time to melt their cold hearts…with a song?

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Do you want to reform health care?

We could sign a bunch of laws

We’ll make the one percent pay for it

They’ll cover all the sick

Or else we’ll form a mob

We should all be just like Norway

Those fjords are tight

Though everyone there is whiiiiite

He needs universal health care

But you don’t want to reform health care


(Go away, loser)


Okay he’ll die…


Do you think we’re made of money?

This guy did it to himself

He messed around and drank a fifth of gin

and then he fell again,

he doesn’t want our help

(Hang in there, Frank!)

We need accountability

And you can’t bill for that

Cuz I can’t find the code

(Click click click click click click)

There ain’t no way to reform healthcare


This guy’s hosed


Please docs, I know you’re in there

You know I really gotta pee

They say quit drinking and I’m trying to

OK I’m lying, Ooh, I think I’ve got herpes

We should focus on prevention

Using tin foil hats

Mental health might help too


Do you wanna reform health care?

I just poo’d…

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