A special episode of Incident Report recorded LIVE in front of a fantastic ZPac audience at the Betabrand Theater in San Francisco!

In this episode we talk video games and medicine and my experience at the Game Developer Conference, an Amy Winehouse PT parody we’re never going to make, sleep deprivation and the culture of medical training, medicine and suicide, antifragility, simulations for teaching medicine, Just Culture and the culture of blame in healthcare, the upside of quality improvement science, how I found my path as “ZDoggMD”, the importance of overcoming self deception, is personality changeable and are personality tests useful at all, why self deception may be an evolved trait, the Theranos debacle, meditation, how can we bridge the divide between administrators and front line staff, why a hospital shouldn’t be a hotel, and the difference between empathy and compassion.

A special thanks to Betabrand for hosting us in their brand new podcast theater!

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