The legendary Dr. Peter Attia, MD hosts one of my favorite podcasts, The Drive, and happens to be a homie from back in my Stanford days. He dropped by Studio Z to talk about ALL the things.

Peter is a world-renowned doc and expert on human performance and longevity, although even that description doesn’t scratch the surface. In this in-depth co-interview, we talked about our shared medical school experience, burnout, fixing medicine, nutrition, living longer AND better, optimizing performance, meditation, the nature of consciousness, vaccines, and a whole lot more including hilarious shit that happened to us in training, the Taint Transplant Service, Dr. Evil, and why medical culture is insane.

Check out Peter’s amazing podcast, The Drive, here.

And here’s a link to Peter’s post and notes on our show together.


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And here’s a ridiculous short clip on the Taint Transplant Service: