And don’t miss the Original!

Short list of things to do when one moves to Las Vegas:

1. Treat gambling addiction with paradoxical chronic immersion therapy. Always bet on black!

2. Eat at epic buffets at least twice daily. Obtain gastric bypass from one of several world-renowned local bariatric surgeons. Subsequently suffer from dumping syndrome, but look RIPPED while dumping by the pool at the Wynn.

3. Create fierce musical parody of the amazingly catchy tune “Popular” from the amazingly catchy musical “Wicked” (which can only be watched in it’s full glory at the brand new Smith Center for the Performing Arts in sunny Downtown Vegas)!

Yes, dear friends, one out of three ain’t bad. And I’m certainly working on the other two.

ZDoggMD Industries is proud to collaborate with the Society for Hospital Medicine (SHM) to promote their epic national conference May 16-19 2012 just outside of Washington D.C.! Sweet hotel, big party, and…oh yeah, CME and whatnot. Are hospitalists boring? Sure! But we’re trying to make them ever-so-slightly less so.

Mad love to UMC Hospital right here in Downtown Vegas for letting us shoot on their wards and hijack their off-duty nurses and administrators! And thanks to the ever-adorable father of hospital medicine, Dr. Bob Wachter!

And super props to Josh.0 and our camera crew:

Johnie Wood (camera op) –
Andrew Dang (camera op) –
Allyson Limon (bts photographer/choreographer) –



Lyrics for Hospitalists! (A Parody of “Popular” From The Musical Wicked):

Whenever I see doctors less up to date than I

(And let’s face it, even Up To Date’s less up to date than I)

I fly them to a place where they can see

That they are not alone in this—drug seekers, pompous specialists

I know, I know, those calls from the ED

But even in your case…though it’s the toughest case I’ve yet to face

Don’t worry, you just need some company

And CME…at HM13, you will see…


They’re all about Hospitalists

And though it’s a made up word (thank you Bob Wachter)

It’s absurdly cool to be

With others who love PE’s, sepsis, GI bleeds 

All the crap we’re apt to see cause we’re


We need other hospitalists

To help us weigh evidence

Both for and against

Protocols we’re sure to use

At SHM, they do much more than just collect dues…


They got the cure for information paralysis

Think of it as intellectual dialysis

Why slog through reams and reams of metaanalysis?

They’re your adviser

There’s nobody wiser

Not when it comes to…


This conference is not to be missed

Cause with their assist you’ll be

Networking freely

So your career will never ever stall…the gist 

Is HM13 helps you be a better hospital…ist!

La la la la

Way more infectious than C. diff


When I see these pompous MDs

Orthopods in Jags and Bentleys

I’m glad there’s somewhere just for us

Where we can celebrate our length of stays

Reduce bounce backs and med mistake rates

Who’s driving quality, Ortho?!? Don’t make me laugh!

It’s the Hospitalists!

Blowin’ up like a hemorrhagic cyst

Resistance is futile so

Don’t ya miss the show

This meeting’s really off the chain

And unlike on the unit, JCAHO won’t be butting in…

La la la la

They keep it real at HM 13!


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