Agitated patients can be a danger to themselves…and others.

Back in 2010 or so I did a rap intro for the ERCast podcast run by my friend Rob Orman. We resuscitated it in lyric video form here. Enjoy! #TakeEmDown

You can check out the original Facebook post here, and let us know YOUR favorite sedation approach!

“ZDoggMD and Doc Orman to Room 4”

An unruly customer is kicking’ down the door

I seen this before

An agitated patient ain’t so patient no more

Call the floor

(“fetch my fighting scrubs yo!”)

Cuz I go Macho Man off the top rope, Steel Cage

Cowboy Bebop Gundam lawsuit, Animé

“Sir it’s my strong medical advice that you not leave against medical advice”

Yo, don’t make me put you on ice!

It’s the Art of the Takedown

Patch Adams—straight clown

Playin’ nice, talk em down

(“It’s not working!”)

Oh now it’s on!

Ativan, diazepam, midazolam, thank you ma’am

Like Dennys it’s a grand slam


Haldol, take me away

Y’all make me array

The ECG leads—F**k the QTC!

The Aussies like ketamine, cuz “yo that’s not a knife”

But I drop a Vulcan neck pinch and put a stop to the strife…

Take ‘em down!