Lactation consultant and world class alt-middle educator Mirine Richey, MPH, IBCLC talks BOOBIES!


Originally LIVE for subscribing supporters only, here it is for the rest of you suckas, pun intended. Learn more about her work at Florida State. Mirine is a member of our Supporter Tribe, and you can be too. Join here.


Topics & Timecodes:

00:00 Intro
04:46 Breastfeeding biological & cultural norms
06:30 What’s the deal with tongue ties?
16:34 Alt-middle take on lactation consultants
19:53 Social determinants, racial disparities
20:55 Mastitis
29:36 Knowing when to say when
32:52 Pregnancy loss, milk donation
39:47 Inducing lactation, same-sex couples
45:54 Recognizing when enough is enough
52:26 The formula industrial complex

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