Just getting infants and toddlers fed seems harder than ever given formula shortages and lack of support for moms.

Lactation consultant and educator Mirine Richey, MPH, IBCLC helps us unwind all the knots. Learn more about her work at Florida State.


Topics & Timecodes:

0:00 Intro, the role of the lactation consultant

05:25 Infant nutrition, diversity among lactation specialists, physical breastfeeding vs. feeding breastmilk

08:17 Social determinants, challenges for low socioeconomic and the highly educated, maternal advantages & benefits of breastfeeding

14:50 Infant advantages & benefits of breastfeeding

19:34 Breastmilk vs. formula cost (both monetary and social)

23:11 Debriefing past trauma & why it’s often uncomfortable to talk about breastfeeding, more neonatal benefits

27:53 Composition of human milk, immune properties, HIV considerations, positioning for bottle feeding

31:39 Tongue-tied babies, breast-shaped bottles, maternal mental health & the effect of stress on infants, breastmilk is best

41:21 Formula composition, cow milk vs. goat milk based, clever marketing, soy based formulas

50:29 The simplicity of supplementing with formula & it’s effect on milk supply, the formula industrial complex, clever marketing

59:43 Baby friendly hospitals, informed consent, alternatives to breastfeeding, donor milk, synthetic milk

1:05:25 Milk production for multiples, pumping pros & cons, mastitis, temperament & personality in infants & beyond

1:14:58 The formula crisis, causes & possible solutions

1:18:40 Final thoughts, tying it all together, finding a lactation consultant

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