Funny stuff goes down on the ZDoggMD Facebook page sometimes. For those with anaphylactic allergies to social media, here’s a quick roundup of recent highlights…


Sometime, technology just gets in the way of the doctor-patient relationship:



If only there weren’t a Ministry of Magic ban on the use of magic for pulmonary mucous clearance:



Meet the World’s Most Interesting Internist:



Overheard after I brought home some take out the other day:

ZDoggMD: Golly, I didn’t know potatoes were used in authentic Chinese cuisine.
Mrs. Dogg: I didn’t know Panda Express was considered authentic Chinese cuisine.
ZDoggMD: Sorry, Mulan, if my palate isn’t as sophisticated as…
Mrs. Dogg: I’ve stopped listening, General Tsao. Now pass the Orange Chicken.


Woke up one morning to find ZPupp sitting on the potty:

ZPupp: I think I’m congestipated.
ZDoggMD: You mean constipated?
ZPupp: Whatever, can I have the iPad? I’m gonna be here a while.


You've called the wrong intern


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