Yo homies, ZDoggMD Industries is thriving in its new home in the Fremont East district of Downtown Las Vegas—ground zero for a renaissance that we believe will change our city and the world for the better. But we also believe that we may have had one too many Bartels and James wine coolers, so please forgive us if we wax enthusiastic.

But how could we not be excited when we’ve had to privilege to meet so many folks in this town who are working to positively disrupt our wacky healthcare system with a combination of innovation and massive cojones? I will go on the record with a prediction: in a few short years, Las Vegas will be widely known as THE place to be for cutting edge advancements in healthcare, technology, and Elvis-impersonation animatronics.

It starts small, with a seed and a spark. And it often ends with bail bonds and jail time. But so far we’ve managed to avoid the latter, while teaming up with pro video dude Freeman White for some serious interview escapades on the wild streets of Fremont East. Check it out, and don’t forget to sign up for our email list on the right of this page. That way you’ll never miss a video, and you’ll also be mailed links to exclusive content not available to the masses…like Dr. Harry’s lost Dirty Dancing audition footage!


Thanks to the following Downtown Denizens (in order of appearance):