A New Downtown Theater meets an Old Dogg

The Inspire Theater just opened in Downtown Las Vegas, yet another product of Downtown Project‘s epic investment in our urban core. And here’s some footage from one of the first events held there. Yours truly, Morgan Spurlock, and the dudes from Priceline, Indiegogo, Project 100, and Change.org got to kick it fireside style for some serious shenanigans. The video above has some highlights from my fireside chat with Morgan (the entire unedited interview is here). It was billed to me as “Morgan interviews you about Turntable Health and the rap game.” So I didn’t prepare anything because hey, what DON’T I know about the rap game? But when hostess Kim Schaefer introduces us, she pulls a bit of a fast one: apparently it’s ME who is to be interviewing Morgan! First we’d both heard of it. So it was a rather spontaneous interaction, to say the least. See if you can sense the fear and panic in my eyes as I scramble to come up with questions in real time while avoiding fecal incontinence. The video below shows our Q+A panel afterwards. If you cut to minute 12, you can watch me wax poetic on the ins and outs of “wearable tech.” Of which I know absolutely nothing. Fireside. Chats. Inspire. BOOM.

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