Carnivore? Keto? Vegan? 

Thanksgiving is here and your annoying relative is about to proselytize the gospel of their nutritional nonsense. Fight back by showing them THIS.


Hey guys, it’s Dr. Zubin DAmania. Hey, so many people are like ZDogg, what should I eat, what diet should I use, people tell me about keto, they tell me about vegan, they tell me about South Beach and North Beach and West Beach. And here’s the bottom line man, it’s like ever since religion has become less of a thing, nutrition seems to have become our new religion. People are so passionate about their diet du jour and they have a million reasons why this is the most important thing in their life and you have to be on this diet or else the Earth will suffer, your health will suffer, and you will die a hideous death of something like gout.

And the truth is this is exactly how people behave. If you see the conflict between vegans and carnivores and keto people and low fat people, it’s all entirely insane. Here’s some simple stuff to remember that actually matters. And it’s just as simple as this: eat real food that isn’t highly processed, find a regimen of eating, whether it’s eliminating certain things, rather it’s restricting calories, rather it’s eating during a narrow window, rather it’s cutting out certain parts of your diet. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it’s something that works with your personality and it actually, overall, reduces the number of calories you consume if you’re trying to lose weight. If you’re trying to maintain weight, then your burned calories should equal what you eat. And it turns out it’s really not that magical.

For some people they find that a keto diet works well. Why, they get full, they get to eat all they want until they’re full and it turns out fat makes them feel full. So they’ve eliminated a lot of stuff from their diet, they’ve made it really restrictive and for them it works. It’s not a religion though and it doesn’t work for everybody. For example, I did it for eight months and it didn’t work for me because I couldn’t sustain it and it made my lipids go nutty ’cause I’m a hyper responder to saturated fat. Now again, we don’t know what the long term risk of that is, but here’s the bottom line, some people swear by the vegan diet. So you’re eliminating all dairy and meat and any animal products, okay that works for some people. For other people, they’re hungry all the time, they don’t get full. So you have to find a diet, it’s not a religion, it’s a way of eating. It’s not a big deal, you guys. Find a way of eating where you feel full, where you’re happy, where you can go out with your family and your friends and not feel like a tool, okay, like a lot of vegans and keto people and they’re the diametric opposites but they both act like tools when you go out to eat. I’m keto so can we go to a place that will make me a cream drink made of nothing but cream and Splenda. It’s like okay, now you’re just being an asshole, okay. It’s not religion, it’s a way to eat. Find a thing that works for you. Now one thing that seems to work for almost nobody is the standard American diet which is garbage. It’s highly processed, it’s full of salt and sugar and fat, everything bad about it, very little good about it except that it’s cheap and abundant. And listen, there are ways we can make better food cheap and abundant. So the call to action is this, talk to your doctor, talk to your friends, experiment, there’s no one size fits all, and there’s no one life fits all for the whole thing. Sometimes you’ll change your approach as you get older, as you change your taste, as you get married and have kids or don’t. The way you eat’s gonna change. And again, stop shaming other people for how they decide to eat unless it’s a standard American diet, in which case, you’re a piece of shit and you need to get woke, all right? Do me a favor, become a subscriber on YouTube, become a supporter on Facebook, join this tribe and we can have these discussions.

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