A pandemic post-mortem that looks ahead to how a post-COVID awakening might unfold, with Rebel Wisdom’s David Fuller.

Find more from David and his guests here, check out the recent live show we did together. Here’s the Culture Wars 2.0 piece we referenced.


Topics & Timecodes:

0:00 Intro

4:40 Health 3.0 & a broken healthcare system going into the pandemic

7:50 Rebel Wisdom’s central curation function

11:00 Zoom vs. in person and the effect on connection

23:53 Internet subcultures “leaking” into the real world, Jan. 6th

26:15 The Post-Secular Religiosity of everything, including COVID

31:15 The rise of conspiracy narratives during COVID

37:05 Questioning our own thinking, personal growth

44:10 Hermeneutics of suspicion & a culture of bullshit

56:00 Conspiracies thrive in gaps in the mainstream narrative

57:30 Pre/trans fallacy & the COVID antithesis space

1:05:00 Paradox of being outside the institutions: audience capture

1:09:48 Tech platforms’ warping effect on creators

1:13:40 Jordan Peterson’s tragic arc

1:17:54 The return of the “repressed”

1:24:00 Return of psychedelic medicine

1:29:44 Limitations of psychedelics

1:34:13 Meditation & Awakening, pitfalls

1:38:58 Ayahuasca

1:44:12 Culture War 2.0 & Memetic Tribes

1:53:15 Post Pandemic Awakening & Personal Growth

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