Arguing over vaccines with your crazy relatives might raise your glucose more than dessert; continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) for insight into diet, exercise, sleep, emotional stress, and more with Dr. Ronesh Sinha.

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Topics & Timecodes

00:00 Intro to lifestyle medicine

02:30 ABIM recertification, left vs. right brain medicine, Attia & Thor on National Geographic

10:03 Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) as a motivator, exploring root causes, the primary care doc crisis

19:25 Insulin resistance, matching carbs to your metabolism, vital role of protein intake & muscle mass, fasting, plant-based diets

31:53 Sleep quality, food choices, glycemic variability, glucose spikes & recovery periods, “worry journaling”

43:47 Public speaking and stress, cortisol release & glucose levels

51:28 Social media & the news, memory recall, creating spaces to give the nervous system a break, biopsychosocial factors, the right brain approach

57:45 CGM data patterns, approaching exercise realistically, walking, “EPIC” workouts, positive vs. negative stress

1:07:54 The pandemic of emotional repression, teen metabolic health in decline

1:18:20 Gender-specific considerations, alcohol

1:23:12 Environmental conditioning, the downside to working from home, the approaching societal tipping point, waking up

1:27:47 Second-selfing, audience capture, internal capitalism, final thoughts


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