I used to love Canada.

How can you not? It’s the home of Rush, Celine Dion, Bryan Adams, and the Barenaked Ladies. Did I mention Avril Lavigne? Good thing I didn’t, because SHE sucks.

In any event. I USED to love Canada.

Then they went and released this CPR video. Huge budget, amazing production values, and…ZOMBIES.

Why?? Why did they have to outdo Dr. Harry and I on the CPR thing? And why did they have to outdo us on the ZOMBIE thing, too? WHY?!?!

If they weren’t our 51st state, I’d have to argue for an invasion.

Here, BTW, are our own CPR and Zombie epics. PROUDLY MADE IN AMERICA!!!*


*Dr. Harry, however, is Made In Taiwan.