How do we learn, and continue to learn, medicine?

Dr. Andrea Paul, MD, created BoardVitals to help practitioners prepare for licensing and initial certification exams, specialty exams, maintain certification requirements, and continue professional education. Along the way she learned a lot about medical entrepreneurship and how we can make huge contributions to our colleagues and patients outside of traditional clinical medicine.

To those up and coming in the medical and nursing fields, Dr. Paul suggests taking time to pursue something that you love outside clinical hours: “You always have your clinical practice to fall back on if it does not work out.”

And ZPAC! BoardVitals is showing their love by giving y’all a chance to win a BoardVitals Bash. Sign up at They’ll throw the winner a pizza party at your work or school with lots of food, drinks, and tons of swag including their signature “Trust Me” t-shirts — just like you saw in the Nurse Virginia videoThe more friends and colleagues that sign up, the better your chances to win. Plus everyone that enters gets a 25% off coupon for any BoardVitals test prep question bank.

Nurses, nurse practitioners, medical, dental, pharmacy, podiatry, allied health, and physician assistants: this is for all ya’ll! You can find board-style cases and practice schedules that can be done on YOUR time…and potential be the hero of your school or office by winning a dope party!

Dr. Paul and BoardVitals also created #GiveVax, a program that donates a vaccine for every purchase made on the BoardVitals platform.

#GiveVax to date has provided over 180,000 vaccines to people in the developing world who desperately need these life-changing vaccinations. Another example of how we can do good in the world through medical entrepreneurship!

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