The Orlando travelogues continue as ZPupp and I brave 70 degree weather, limos, and fancy hotel rooms to deliver a heartfelt message to hundreds of screaming dermatologists at Modernizing Medicine’s EMANation 2015 conference.

Want me to come to your bar mitzvah and drop mad rhymes and eat all your food? Hit me up here.

4 Responses to “ZVlogg #017 | My Own Dance Crew”

  1. Jody Crookshanks

    That guy is clearly a ninja disguised as a “dancer”…. must avoid Y93.4 external cause.

  2. Meredith Gould

    “Resaucesitate”…with mustard, ZPupp, MUSTARD. All not-kidding aside, you have no idea (read that w/Yiddish inflection) how much delight I experience when I watch your stuff.

    • ZDoggMD

      That’s hilarious because I edited out the part right afterwards where she threatened to pour mustard on my head.

      • Meredith Gould

        ZOMG, hilarious indeed.