At last, it’s Against Medical Advice…

…the show for the rest of us on the front lines of healthcare. We’re coming straight outta Studio Z and the first-ever LIVE AMA episode went off without a hitch. No one was more surprised than I, loyal Z-Pac.

This episode features an intro trailer and an opening monologue on Health 3.0, along with a piece on the HIMSS 2017 conference in Orlando, Dark Side Tonight with Doc Vader (doing medical news on such hot button topics as violence against nurses and, uh…man flu), and YOUR comments in a segment we call “Overtime.” Dr. Mike Sevilla already did a cool review of our first episode!

Please share widely, and hit us up if you are interested in sponsorship opportunities. The goal is nothing less than to be your voice and try to include all of the stakeholders in healthcare, so please give us feedback in the comments below!

And tune in next Sunday, 4p Pacific, 7p Eastern on Facebook for Episode 2!

Here’s the Facebook version, 140K views already…thank you Z-Pac!