They didn’t believe we’d do it.

But we did it.

Turntable Health is open for bid-ness. For REAL tho.

We had an insane grand opening. We got a day named after us. And the ZPupp helped cut the cord. And there was all kinds of press, including Morgan Spurlock all up in our grillz.

And now that we’re humming, it’s time to get back to the rap game. For REAL tho. Stay tuned!


2 Responses to “Two Turntables And An iPhone”

  1. Rickky

    I love it and the bottom line of the video is medicade and medicare not accepted! When i practiced medicine that would have saved me million upon millions of headaches! Way to go ZDogg MD

    • ZDoggMD

      Yeah, by law we would have to bill medicare and medicaid to see those patients. And we don’t bill.