The Donald. Wherever on the political spectrum we fall, all of us have to admit he is something else. So here’s a documentary I put together outlining Trumpcare, the Donald’s vision for healthcare. He discusses such important issues as the opioid epidemic, nursing staffing ratios, patient satisfaction scores, and Dr. Oz.

Pretty much everyone will be offended, so please: remember this is just satire—pop a couple Obecalp XR tabs, and consider moving to Guam.

  • Pia

    Yup ,pretty offensive but probably close to what he wants!

  • Gary

    The satire will probably be true to Donald Trump form. He’s going to change the world (something he’s already doing negatively) by building walls, keeping all those offensive people (to him) out of the country, and knocking down anyone who says any truth about him that he doesn’t subscribe to, and complaining about being mistreated (Oh poor me, Donnie boy, I’m being so mistreated by …… and by….. and by….. etc.). Grow up and be a real man, Donnie boy.

    • Debbie Rensing Thomas


  • The one positive thing that would happen if Donnie were elected is the the tremendous boon to the profession of comedy. He’ll be better for SNL than Ford was.

  • gwen rothberg

    I was waiting for you to drop ‘Obi Wan-Ga Wan Day’ on there. Pure Z Dogg gold as is…. gotta go repost.

    • OK that’s just brilliant. Slapping myself for missing that one…

  • Lori

    OH my God that was so funny! I just had an awesome belly laugh which means you are workin those healthcare skills from afar!\nWho knows, it’s all so messed up. I hope somehow Docs like you and other get together and take back medicine.\nStay strong dude. Please!

    • *FIST IN THE AIR* Thanks yo!

      • Debbie Rensing Thomas

        Please pretty please. I’ve seen the nursing profession come so far in my 20+ years. Help us help ourselves

    • Debbie Rensing Thomas

      Yes please

  • Nancy R Curtis

    Aaaaaarrrrgggghhhh!!! Trump: Putting pure terror in the hearts of nurses

  • PedsDoggMD

    I thought you said it was satire, seemed spot on to me.

    • Debbie Rensing Thomas


  • Keri Burke

    So hysterical I wet my pants

  • James M

    So how would Hillary care be better? Under the ACA, a program the ice queen would likely expand, patient ratio’s are insane, and the EHR you always complain about, how will that improve? Health insurance premiums have skyrocketed, medicaid has expanded, and since nobody takes Medicaid, these patients crowd ER’s with sinus infections and splinters. Keep it real ZDogg, I love most of what you do, but I know you must realize that the alternative to Trump could be much more disasterous for our healthcare system.

  • TDee Riglet

    I thought this was awesome. People need to lighten up. It would be a video about the other had she won…. keep it up ZDogg… you are winning


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