The way we treat behavioral health issues in the emergency department is too often simply inhuman.

This doesn’t just harm our patients (who are, in increasing numbers, seeking help for mental health issues in the emergency department setting). It harms our caregivers, who suffer the moral injury of being forced to provide substandard care when there are better and more effective answers. 

Dr. Denise Brown is a Stanford and Vanderbilt trained internist and hospitalist. She is the Chief Strategy Officer of Vituity. In this interview we discuss potential solutions to the this crisis, and ways to use clinician leadership and education to guide team-based, compassionate solutions that help both patients, caregivers, and the bottom line.

As mentioned in the show, you can email Dr. Brown directly here or Vituity here. And here’s a piece about the EmPath units described in our show by my LinkedIn pal, psychiatrist Dr. Eric Arzubi.

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