Pathology Report:

Procedure: Flex Sigmoidoscopy
Clinical History: Colonic distention, query volvulus
Gross Description: one specimen is received in formalin, the specimen labeled “splenic flexure bx” consists of one tissue fragment, measuring 0.2 X 0.2 X 0.1 centimeters. It is submitted in toto between two sponges.
Histologic sections demonstrate scant fragments of tissue, which show no significant inflammation or architectural changes. There is no fibrinous pseudomembrane or subepithelial hemorrhage to support ischemia. An immunohistochemical stain for CMV is negative.
Clinical correlation is recommended.

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  • Why was it submitted in Dorothy’s dog from the Wizard of Oz? Wouldn’t a specimen cup be better? Or did Toto eat the specimen up in the OR?\n\nSee what I did there?

    • Nice. Hey, I don’t dictate these reports, some pathology resident does. And by “in Toto” I assumed they meant tucked into an album sleeve from the band Toto, preferably the record containing the smash single Africa.

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