A Video Spanning Three Generations

Yo YO! My father, ZDadd MD, is back y’all! And he’s doing what Baby Boomers do best: going off with little or no evidence to back up anything he says. Blam!

And yours truly does what Gen X is best known for: sitting around looking befuddled, wishing he had a Little Caesar’s Pizza Pizza.

And in a stunning twist, the Millennial Generation REPRESENTS as Josh.0 steps up with the music and editing—in between acting like a spoiled brat and coming to work in his pajamas. It’s Entitlement 101, people!

So enjoy the transgenerational fruits of our labors. And remember: sushi is for hot shots with status. Everyone else cooks that s**t.

  • I love your dad, but I love your reactions to him even better. Nice video, Z to the Dogg!

  • PJ

    Mad propZ to the ZDadd! He’s right about sushi!

  • Great S**t!! ZDadd is a wise sage, but he needs to back off on the whole sushi thing. Josh did an awesome job too!

  • Royce Everone

    Like the new website! How did you talk your dad into recording the video with you, congrats! Keep the humor coming…and love getting edumicated through evidence-based comedy, what a relief and delight. No wonder I don’t eat so much sushi…;-}. Chuckling away in the Bay Area…

  • Tracy Sorenson

    Dear ZDogg, \n\nI love ZDadd, MD – could spend hours listening to his golden nuggets of “wisdom.” Please post more! I can’t get enough of the bow-tied wonder!\n\nTracy, RN

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  • Ashley Collier

    Love it

  • wzrd1

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