A press release from Press Ganey crows about a new quality measure: the number of assaults on nursing staff.

Is this just more BS from the Measurement Industrial Complex®, or the beginning of meaningful data acquisition that will actually improve outcomes for health care staff and hence patients? Watch the Facebook Live video and lend your voice in the comments, and SHARE please!


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12 Responses to “Press Ganey Wants to Measure Nurse Assaults??”

  1. Michelle Ernst

    B.S. !!!!

    • Julie Rusch

      It’s complete BS, and I know the hospitals don’t care about the nurses. No hospitals are going to invest money in trying to protect their nursing staff until they are mandated to do so, and unannounced compliance checks would have to be part of the mandate. Signed severely injured RN from being attacked by a patient while at work.

  2. Jessica Clark

    The biggest problem I perceive is that administrators can then say, “Look, we did something” by purchasing this “data product” when in fact nothing will have been done in reality and nothing will change for front line health care workers, but just as Z pointed out, it will allow them to “check the box.”

  3. Libby Eiche Paul

    I am afraid they will say , Had you given the pt , the turkey sandwich and dilaudid ,quickly you wouldn’t have been assaulted. If a unit has assaults it will reflect on the staff not being customer oriented.

    • Elliott says meow

      You forgot the Sierra Mist.

  4. Deborah Wedick-Cooper

    It will be interesting if they compare these result with the number of assaults reported by staff. I don’t think a patient survey is an appropriate tool for the measurement of workplace violence.

  5. Katie Honsaker-Ackerman

    This seems like “No tolerance” bullying policies that have been implemented in schools. The outcomes are that bullying incidents are shoved under the rug so that the numbers look good but the bullying is never addressed. I’d much rather have reports of bullying with what actions were taken to rectify the situation and that be rewarded instead of false numbers and outcomes. We need to start reporting and like everything in medicine, see what approach works.

  6. Ellen Strack

    Is the question going to be:
    Did you feel like assaulting the staff? If yes how often? Did you carry through in your Thoughts? And if so how many times? Comments:…..

    This is such bull. And looking back at that question I am realizing I have been doing this too long

  7. Scott Carpenter

    Ndnqi is the metrics version of pharmaceutical companies ‘we got you on oxy., now here’s some drugs to help you get off oxy.’

  8. Sharon Povroznik

    Press Gamey is full of shi- !!!!! This is an insult to nurses everywhere!!! Measure what ???? How many times it happens , How dangerous it is getting to practice anywhere??? Whether it’s in the hospitals or clinics, Measure how much crap
    You have to take from some low life strung out on who knows what, Measure the lack of protection afforded a nurse on the job from administrators of hospitals, Measure how someone who is professional is so unsafe in the workpkace???? Press Ganey measure how much of a dick you are!!!

  9. David A. Hervig

    Your Aug 13 video was intense… I hope she will be ok. The story reminded me of all the warnings about that the crazy Army Major at Fort Hood and he shot 33 people. They kept promoting him despite the threats he was openly discussing, sending him to the next post while the Army swept it under the rug. Surely we can discover the name and ranks of her supervisors that were complicit in her attack…

    Ex-Army PA

  10. Ann

    As a nurse who was attacked by a patient and subsequently required surgery for my injury, I can tell you that any measurement of such events will most likely end up in victim shaming. This data can also be used against nurses to “manage” them out of a job.


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