It’s our 40th episode of Incident Report LIVE!

So we thought it would be a good time to BEG FOR MONEY! Seriously, we’re expanding, and this stuff isn’t cheap. Help us grow this movement together by sharing, subscribing on YouTube, Facebook, and iTunes, and donating via our Patreon account. WE NEED YOU Z-PAC!

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4 Responses to “Help Us Help You Help Us”

  1. joshua kinnunen

    I’m onboard for $5 a week. I’m not sure what hoops you need to jump through, but there is also a program called amazon smiles where anyone shopping through the smiles link can generate donations for a charity. Could zdogg charity, turntable health, or Health 3.0 could be set up for this purpose?

  2. Noran Warot

    Explain the actual plan of 3.0, how change can be started. Thank you !

  3. Linda Whittier

    so, so, so, where do I sign up?

  4. Jen Peters

    I Saw a 99 problems but childhood disease ain’t one (or something like this) baby onesie somewhere online. If you did a play on this – and sold via amazon – I would stock up and order for every baby shower I attend. Also if you could offer it in toddler size that would be awesome.


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