Our Standard American Diet (SAD) is KILLING us. Why?

Anyone who tells you there is one right way to eat is trying to sell you something. But there are plenty of WRONG ways to eat for a given individual’s genetics, culture, and personality.

We lift the lid on some of the basic principles around the carb controversies and different lower-carbohydrate strategies (including fasting, etc). Join in, try not to get #butthurt, and PUT THE DANG SMOOTHIE DOWN ALREADY.

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16 Responses to “Do These Carbs Make My A** Look Fat?”

  1. kidmodel

    I now eat the ZDogg snack : small amount of nuts with some dark chocolate and I’m good until dinner! I skip lunch but eat a small breakfast. I locomote daily by walking my two savage beasts every day and drink 2-2.5 liters of water a day else my nephrolithiasis will kill me! Thanks zderg!

  2. kidmodel

    Excellent inservice here ZDogg! Had NO knowledge of psychogenic insulin release!

  3. kidmodel

    ‘lunch’ is an artificial construct left over from elementary/high school. Adults do NOT need a formal ‘lunch’.

  4. kidmodel

    I remember my parents had a little, yellow book back in the mid 60s called “The Drinking Man’s Diet” which advocated big steaks and Dewar’s. For breakfast? Black coffee and aspirin! Wow – the swinging 60s.

  5. kidmodel

    Z I always told my patients – ANY exercise is better than none. Just do SOMETHING!

  6. kidmodel

    The very brilliant Dr. Watson (I think he’s still alive) advocated Metformin for its anti-inflammatory/anticarcinogenic effect. Do you agree? PS – ZDogg are you drinking fluids all day? I hope you are well hydrated.

  7. kidmodel

    Oh God – I LOVE dal! Please don’t slam it!

  8. kidmodel

    The serum catecholamines secreted by panicked animals as they’re being hideously slaughtered is NOT something you want to be eating!

  9. kidmodel

    watch renal function with those ketogenic diets. And that breath, tho!

    • Eugeniu Sofroni

      and arteries and constipation and cramps … it is as if the body is trying to tell you, you dumb ass, you are doing something wrong

  10. kidmodel

    Once we learned that fat was more than just blubber and was actually a very deleterious, biologically active tissue – the game changed forever!

  11. kidmodel

    aren’t we hardwired to want sweeter things? Don’t we drift to the Cinnabon in the mall? Do we run home and say, ‘I must have steamed broccoli right now!”?

    • Janine Wohadlo

      I do actually… run home from school and say “I must have steamed broccoli now!”

  12. Janet S Pasternak

    What about the influence of gut bacteria and how it influences absorption and break down of carbs?

  13. Matt Bouma

    You sir, seem to be suggesting that I am fat because I eat too much.

  14. Sandey Farrow

    I just found this today and I appreciate your input on carbs. I am a nurse working 12 hr shifts 3-4 times a week and on those work days getting to eat is such and issue. How do you deal that?


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