As healthcare peeps, are we biased against patients admitted with failed suicide attempts?

Some data suggest we are. More anecdotes confirm. Why? We discuss.

Netflix’s series Thirteen Reasons Why was the trigger for the show.

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9 Responses to “Do we hate people who attempt suicide?”

  1. Anne Jay

    Thank you for covering this topic. My brother killed himself. His birthday was yesterday and I’ve been thinking about him a lot. Good timing.

  2. Anne Jay

    I used to work in an ER and yeah healthcare workers get annoyed with psych holds and have little patience with them or give them “tough love”, which is not the best approach.

  3. Leah Dolph

    I would agree, yes, healthcare workers as a whole despise those that commit or attempt to commit suicide. As a nurse, I’ve never understood it. This person was in so much pain that they, at least for a moment, felt that death was better than giving tomorrow a chance. That has to be a very dark place to be. We have to change our attitudes.

  4. jpkansas

    I thought the topic of medication use was interesting. Talk therapy is crucial…not just meds. I think its something that needs to be explored because in my position at a pediatric hospital I see a huge number of children that come into the ER with suicidal ideation who are taking potent psychiatric medications because they can’t sit still to do homework. And the ages of these patients are now creeping down to the kindergarten and preschool age.

    This is not something that can be ignored.

  5. Melissa Tyler

    I attempted suicide and it’s a crippling feeling! I was mad that it didn’t work. I was told I need to suck it up and move on! NOT what I needed!

  6. Melynda Kosec

    I am a Psych RN, and I appreciate this discussion that you, ZDogg have brought to the forfront of social media. I had a friend commit suicide after 2 years diagnosed with Schizophrenia. Before diagnosed, he was a Senior Engineering Major at a prestigious University with a suportive family and a bright future ahead of him. When I found out about his suicide, I felt relieved that his pain and suffering are gone, but still confused and looking for answers. His death was tragic, but should not be forgetten. We as healthcare professionals need to advocate for mental health patients. Suicide, whether attempted or completed should never be stigmatized. It is a cry for help in our broken mental health system. Thank you for creating conversation and awareness on a normally dark subject.

  7. Doris

    Recently came across this podcast, agree on many points..keep discussing this issue, need more funding for mental health issues..disagree regarding “hating people who attempt suicide” as an RN for. 40+ years I am more frustrated not hateful..frustrated by lack of progress in mental health care, frustrated by inability to “fix” someone with severe depression…and yes the frustration can sometimes be perceived as callousness

  8. Jessica Clark

    One of my home care patients committed suicide.. I was the last person to talk to him. Found out when my LPN tried to schedule her visit the following Monday. We both knew he was depressed (was new amputee, financial problems, etc; we were seeing him for wound care. We asked primary doc for MH consult. MD declined, started him on med. I took it really hard as case manager, always felt I should have seen it coming, didn’t ask all the questions that day, was too rushed, etc. Ended up quitting my job when just a few short weeks later another patient of mine called and threatened suicide by cop. Had to call 911 and was so worried someone was going to die. Just felt too much responsibility. Didn’t hate my patients, felt I let them down.


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