Top of the news today, a passenger claiming to be a physician gets brutally dragged off a United flight by force.

Tom and I weigh in with our unfiltered sh**ty first draft. Wonder if it will get revised when more details emerge? In the meantime, I gotta say #BoycottUnited, dear Z-Pac; I am. And if you do fly, make sure to wear your dopest leggings!

Here’s an Atlantic article on the subject.

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One Response to “#BoycottUnited”

  1. Darksun

    Great video zdogg. I love how you go to lengths to be impartial and objective, something too often missing in media these days.
    A great point was brought up to me. What were the police told? Were they told he was being a douche/disruptive/criminal/a threat? Were they told anything more than this guy needs to be removed?