Doc Vader Hospitalist Infectious Diseases Video

Doc Vader on Hand Hygiene | ZDoggMD

Doc Vader on Hand Hygiene

Dirty hands are a path to the Dark Side.

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 3.34.30 PM

Doc Vader Vs. The Hospital Administrator

A hospital administrator feels the power of the Dark Side.

ZVlogg 014 | ZDoggMD

ZVlogg #014 | Rounds, EMS, and A Good Day

Wherein we kick it with EMS, round with the team, and DROP SOME DOPE RHYMES.

It Was A Good Call Day | ZDoggMD

It Was A Good Call Day

Halfway home, and my pager ain’t blowin’ up…

zdogg rap LIB9

It’s a Hard Doc’s Life — LIVE!

Well, that’s ONE way to open a medical keynote speech…*drops mic*

ZDoggMD | R. Kelly Readmission parody

Readmission (An R. Kelly “Ignition” Parody)

The dopest R&B anthem about hospital readmissions—EVER.

ZDoggMD | Dr. Brian Goldman

Dr. Brian Goldman vs. ZDoggMD!

Emergency medicine vs. hospitalists, Canada vs. the US…what’s it all aboot, eh?

Santa Claus has Diabetes |

And So This Is Christmas…

The Ghosts of Christmas Past, yo!

Popular Hospitalists!

Hospitalists! (‘Popular’ Parody From Wicked)

One day we hospitalists will be pop-u-lar too! A Wicked new parody musical!

Hospital Shake | Harlem Shake | ZDoggMD

Hospital Shake (A Harlem Shake Pandemic Parody)

There is a memetic plague sweeping the nation, a contagion known as the Harlem Shake. We document a horrifying local outbreak…

Put up yer Dukes

Clean U Outtakes

An alternative take on Dr. Harry’s megalomania.

Dr. Harry | Doctors Today | ZDoggMD

Doctors Today!

An epic musical anthem for those working on the front lines of healthcare everywhere!

Doctor Bobo, Simian Medical Assistant

Meet Dr. Bobo™

An elegant simian solution for our primary care crunch!

Hard Doc's Life | ZDoggMD

Hard Doc’s Life (Hospitalist Anthem)

Yo, ZDoggMD dropping some mad verse ’bout the struggles of being a hospitalist. Strictly for my homies!


Today’s Hospitalist

What? ZDoggMD in a legitimate hospitalist publication? Another small victory in the battle to advance the cause of evidence-based comedy.