Dear Nurses,

Thank you. For doing what you do, and for doing it even when understaffed, exhausted, and set upon on all sides by the assembly line machinery of Healthcare 2.0.

Thank you. For living up to the ancient Latin meaning of your chosen profession’s name, to nourish. Even when you yourselves go hungry on a shift with no breaks.

Thank you. For standing up for those who are most vulnerable, even when you are so tired you can barely keep upright.

You are a gift for which we doctors are eternally grateful. Even if we all-too-often are pretty terrible at showing it.

You are appreciated.




PS: Just hold out a little longer. Health 3.0 will come if we work together, and it’s gonna rock. Join the conversation on our daily show/podcast Incident Report!


  • Lyrics and Rap by ZDoggMD
  • Audio Engineering, Audio Production, and Chorus Vocals by Devin Moore
  • Directed and Shot by Tom Hinueber
  • Based on “Dear Mama” by Tupac Shakur (RIP Afeni Shakur Davis, 2Pac’s mom, for which the original song was dedicated)


Photo Credits (In Rough Order Of Appearance, as contributed by nurses across the country on Facebook…if I missed someone, leave me a message and I’ll fix it!):

Alex Adamonis, Becky Garcia, Hilary Helkenn, Monica Tran, Debbie Tritsarolis, [Larua, Lindsay, Judith, Nadine, Ashby, Taylor], Aki Williams, the 1 East Beasters, Ashley Courier, Mattie Pritchett, Janie Kiehne, Jenny, Britney Lewis, Gena Chase, Sandra Jewel Harris, Olga Vasquez, Ali Maloy, Dawn Conrad, Mike Wolfenbarger, Rob Divers, Angelia Majors, Amanda Magrie, Rae Epps, Kristy Moore, Krispen Culpepper, Celeste Crismore, Sharon Hayes RN, Gina Walston, LeAnna Rankin, Hollyann Lambdin, Renae Drysdale, Stacy Barker, [Ashton and Alarica and Laura], Joni Armstrong, Melanie Murrell, Lindsay McQuade, Mayra Zapote, Natalie Lameka, Caity Grassman, Major Sarah Stewart-Abel, Natalie Hsglund, SFC Jason Meeks, Tosha Trostle, Virginia Close, Joanna Trinidad, Tanya Boatright-Davis, Robin Riddle, Jennifer Todd, Cory Henry, Molly Stauffer, Becca Ali, Carlos Castillo, Carlos Adao, Samantha Flanagan, Mayra Zapote, Osceola Regional Medical Center NTICU, Michelle Borders, Michelle Hamdy, Charity Reynolds, Eliza Christine, Heidi Wasielewski, Dawn and Alaska Spine Center, Christina Grainger, Daryl Thom and UNorthDakota Nursing Students, Arlene Biswas, Julie Ferguson, Robert Ferguson, Chad Priest, Laura Sholtis, Brian Dixon, Chelsea, Ginny Moullet, Valerie Brock, Denise Stoffel, Nicole Ferris, Stacey and Melanie, Mechele Adolph, Ina Harten (Editor’s Addendum: Sorry folks I had missed initially: Sue Cox RN. Sonya Ivester RN, Mike McClintic RN, and Jewel Harris RN from SMH ECC Ebola team at Sarasota Memorial Hospital)

You are appreciated
When I was young in med school I had weeks
On the wards overwhelmed by all the patients that I’d see
Though back at the time, I never saw what was up
That the patients survived because the nurses saved our butts
I’m finished with school, the game done changed
I see them fools in the suits now making all the rules
Tryna make a hospital a hotel
Patient satisfaction payin’ us? Epic fail.
And even though we on one team, the same verses
When things go wrong they blame nurses
Understaffed for the acuity, threw out your back
Staffin’ ratios ‘bout as safe as Iraq
And you’d think, it’s elementary hey
To allow drinks at the nurse’s station
Running for them call lights, that’s right
No time for breaks cuz ya clickin’ boxes all night
But even in the clinic, patients get rude
You stay up in it, soft touch, make it look smooth
I finally understand
Female nurses it ain’t easy groped by a man
And BTW, this “doctor’s scope” that I’m wearin’
I borrowed from a nurse, thanks for sharing
There’s no way I can pay you back
But the plan is to show you that I understand
You are appreciated.
Nurses, don’t you know we love ya, oh nurses, we should all support ya, oh nurses, don’t ya know we love ya.

331 Responses to “Dear Nurses”

  1. Meagan

    Thank you for the recognition and support. We truly appreciate everything you do.

  2. Debby Nguyen

    Thank you. Your videos always make me laugh, even on the hard days. Please don’t stop.

  3. Lynne Brown

    Love this! You are so compassionate!

    • ZDoggMD

      The tricky part is finding compassion for ourselves. We are way to hard on ourselves in healthcare.

      • Jane Lahti

        Amen! We don’t need surveys, we’re our own worst critics! I believe many of us feel showing compassion to ourselves verges on narcissism. I believe safer pt ratios would allow us time to breathe/drink water/eat a healthy meal i.e. focus on self care so we could excel beyond our current standards for pt care.

        • Lori Arsenault

          THat is so true!! But that because for decades on end we have been told to do better, so more, do it faster , be more efficient!! Negative negative negative feedback from suits on high. Who triply so. Not. Have . A clue. What we do out on that floor EVERYDAY! So with behavior modification they have taught us that is is OUR fault when things don’t go their way. The last year I worked ( after 40 years in acute care , icu and nicu) my Hospital did NOTHING. During nurses week! When I retired……. not so much as a thank you card! It’s bad…. heaven forbid a pt complains that their food was cold! Instantly 3 suits at the bedside trying to make up for it! But I haven’t been to the bathroom in 8 hours!! …. nothing.
          So a HUGE THANK YOU for doing these videos. It has meant a lot to a lot of us nurses in the trenches!!😘

        • Christina Fain

          You hit the nail on the head. Pt to nurse ratio is making the nurse shortage worse and I know personally myself because I’ve been a nurse for 14 years and it’s so hard to take care of sick people and getting overworked every time I work.

      • Joan Edelstein

        Yes, we must care for ourselves. If we don’t replenish we have nothing to give.

        Thank you for an awesome appreciation. We all need it.

      • Mark Wells

        Hey Dogg don’t leave out us ED Techs. We take a lot of bullets also. Peace bro.

      • SHEILA Standfield

        Wish I could have sent in pictures. I work with some of the best nurses in the world.

      • Mpk

        Dialysis nurses appreciate you! I know y’all see our pts in the ed often lol….keep shining the light!

  4. Lynne Spryszak

    “Thank you” — what magical words! I remember working double shifts, walking to a room with meds in my hand and not remembering who they were for. Hearing a “thank you”, (especially from a doc – which was RARE), would send a jolt of energy through me and get me through the end of the shift. Thank you, thank you for doing this for us!!

    • ZDoggMD

      THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! We forget the power of gratitude constantly in our insane beehives of healthcare. Thanks for reminding us.

      • Donna Nance

        Thank you 🙏 for your very appreciated support of nurses. I was cardiac surgical ICU and trauma for a mere 46 yrs. I’ve proba seen it all. Politics,anger and verbal abuse amongst other issues. If you publish a cd,let me know I’ll buy several. Only about 10-12 family RN members who’d enjoy.

      • Donna Nance

        I’m from California. Retired now

  5. Heather Rogerson

    That was great!!!!!!! From the Tupac tatt to the sincere sentiments! You rock ♡ thank you

  6. Amanda Carl

    Thank you! \n~RNMandolin

  7. Cassie E Sproull

    Thanks so much!!! As a Level I Trauma ER RN, both Peds and Adult ERs for TWENTY SIX freakin’ years, it’s SO AWESOME to have such a public figure and advocate that GETS IT!!! The BIG PICTURE! Indeed, we must work together to fix this insane system!!! Bless you for your words and ongoing support!!! You rock!!!!

  8. Jenny Mattox

    Thank you so much this brought tears to my eyes. -From this Neuro ICU nurse Evansville,In.

  9. LowellandDeneise Shearin

    Thanks for the laughter and the tears! Happy tears.

  10. Tyra Smith-Street

    Thanks for taking the time to express your appreciation.

  11. NeverAgain

    Thank you so much! It is appreciated to feel appreciated because it surely isn’t by management, administration or even patients. Your videos often say what we want to say but can’t and they are hysterical, so don’t quit!

    • Elizabeth irvin

      Unfortunately administration is all about the money and covering your ass! Recently retired after over 45 years of nursing! I DO miss the work and my peeps, but not the BULL SHIT! Thanks for this! Happy tears!

  12. Miranda Bates Nix

    This is beyond awesome. .\n Glad someone actually understands! !! I know I speak for myself when I say you are truely appreciated as well!!!! I can’t wait til the day when everyone come together as a team! !! Happy nurses week to all the nurses out there!!!

  13. Chris Hummell

    Thank you for being one of the great doctors that know the worth of a nurse! This psych nurse has worked with many doctors in many specialities that are just not good team players and it is the patient that suffers! Thanks again ! \n\nAlso thank you for SLWAYS making songs that just crack me up!!!

  14. Jennifer Brooks-DeShazo

    Loved it! Made this old nurse’s Day! Thank You, Doc!

  15. Renee Crawford-Frink

    Omg. I’m a long time ICU nurse, and we’re keeping the critical floor running most days. And sometimes have docs asking us the questions. I almost cried watching this. Thanks for showing appreciation!!! Loved it!

    • Tamara

      It gave me chills and shame not sitting for the state boards. It’s time these front line nurses be recognized. Thank you for honoring them. Coming from a Doctor, it’s huge.

  16. Renee Vires

    Love you Doc!!! Thanks for the luv!!!

  17. KellygirlRN

    Thank you ZDogg! You kicked Nurses Week off right! I’ve been blessed to be in this profession for 25 years! Thank you for the appreciation.

  18. Margaret R. Hominick

    So awesome, thank you!! Being an ICU nurse is challenging at times, but I’m thankful to be a member of this caring profession. Love the videos–keep them coming! ?

  19. choirqueen

    Love it, thanks ZDogg…….sharing this with my fellow nurses at Milford Hospital!!!!

  20. Jen F.

    This almost made me cry. Thank you ZDogg. We love you.

    • ZDoggMD

      ALMOST??? #IHaveFailed haha just kidding, thanks for the luv.

      • Jen F.

        LOL I’m still on my first cup of coffee. I work in an ambulatory clinic for IM and FP. Wow, whole new experience, they’ve never had RNs in primary care – how did they survive? Be nice to your primary care providers that’s for sure! So thanks for remembering us in your dedication.

  21. LaRonda Berry-Montgomery

    This was so cool brought tears to my eyes we sometimes need to hear that

  22. Kattie Letterle Stagar

    Man your awesome! It brought tears to my eyes too!!! Thank you so much!!

  23. TeaPea RN

    Thank you so much, really nice to be appreciated! Am absolutely humbled to be a part of this awesome profession for over 25 years!\nLove your stuff! “In Da Lab” was a hit with my entire Lab team!

  24. Janet Kizziah

    Love it! Thank you so much…….you say it all!

  25. Meredith Cancasci

    Thank you. This was great and appreciated as a nurse that has been on both sides of the stethoscope. – An OR RN

  26. Laura Thomas Wells

    A. M. A. Z. I. N. G. \nThank you so much!!!

  27. Jennifer Enersen

    This ICU nurse in rural Alaska thanks you for the respect! Understaffing on our unit ain’t no joke! I work with an amazing team of nurses and hospitalists. Thanks again for recognizing.

  28. Cheryl Townsend

    Thank you ZDogg..Made this old nurse cry, 40 years working on that frontline.. hope I am around to see acuity based ratios across all practice setting..Great teams make magic and I’ve worked with a few great teams! It is an honor to serve … Now let’s make health care in America the best and end the pain of hospitalization being the 3rd leading cause of death… Please, our patients are counting on us..

  29. shari gould

    Amazing video! I am nursing faculty and it is so hard to explain to my students when they see disrespect. I wish more doctors were like you!

  30. Catherine Adams Guthrie

    Love this! Working with Docs like you make nursing a better life for us all. Keep doing what you do.

  31. Karen Lehpamer Murphy

    Thank you…..after I horrible shift yesterday, I needed to hear those words..

  32. Nancy R Curtis

    Thanks for the love!! Could you please put it in a bottle and give IVs to administrators, managers, and bean counters? Thanks for rocking it for the nurses!

  33. Megan Hardison

    You are amazing! So glad I had the chance to meet you in Las Vegas last year at the travel nurse convention. Thank you for always being so supportive of nurses

  34. Sara L. Broome

    Thank you! You get us! ED nurse in Wenatchee, WA. We share your videos when we teach trauma clsses, etc.

  35. Dorian Marsh

    #oneteam #onefight thanks for the love

  36. Brittney Walls

    Thanks for the love! What a treat to work with physicians like you. Thankfully, most doctors I’ve worked with have utmost respect. What department do you work in? #ERnurse #appreciatesYOU #travelnurse

  37. Margaret Hebert UpDyke

    Thank YOU for the love! It makes such a difference when their is mutual respect between doctors and nurses, and I KNOW that you have that respect for us! Love the videos and your vision for what healthcare should be!

  38. Nancy Smith

    This video alone would end the nursing shortage. People would be deserting law school and signing up for nursing education if we could just get this message out there. \nNancy (Class of ’70) yes, that’s right!

  39. Heath Marden

    Mad props to ZDogg for doing this and pointing out all that team work that is needed and got to love the Epic FAIL line ( I see the double meaning)!

  40. Jill Winters Addington

    Thank you, ZDogg! I have loved my 10 years in nursing, both as a hospital med-surg nurse and as a clinic transition of care nurse (the only one in my entire system!) Respect like yours makes every day hassles worth it. Fairbanks, Alaska loves our ZDogg, MD!!!

  41. Mandy Luke Ford

    ❤This!! Thank you!!

  42. Carol

    This is so cute!

  43. Kathy N Bui

    Thanks ZDoggMD \nI got teary watching this! \nAppreciate you for acknowledging all the hard working nurses ?\nPICU travel RN

  44. Dave Penrose

    Love it and appreciate it. Thanks for giving us some love. Z pack for life

    • Tamara

      It gave me chills and shame not sitting for the state boards. It’s time these front line nurses be recognized. Thank you for honoring them. Coming from a Doctor, it’s huge.

  45. Cydne Marckmann

    Thank you ZDogg! Teamwork in healthcare with partners like you will bring the change we need to see. Thanks for fighting the fight and being part of the solution. Sharing the video now.

  46. Robin Kleronomos

    Thanks ZDoggMD! You are the best. Love your videos and your support for palliative care!

  47. imdonewithupeople

    Wow, thank you. I cried. Idk if its because I know the real song lyrics or your new lyrics. But I felt appreciated???

  48. Leza Frazee

    Thanks for this! I lost my clinic job six years ago between having two constantly sick three year olds and my own failing health. I miss nursing and this made my day <3

  49. Jim Aubey

    Its good to be a nurse, but it is great to know someone appreciates what we do. Thanks!

  50. Meagan Dalton-Humphries

    You are da bomb! Thank you for your tribute, it’s docs like you that help us make it through from day to day! #nurzlyfe #ernurse

  51. Yersunshine

    Thanks for the lovins!!! It’s an honor to get to do what I do!

  52. Phaedra Kelleher

    Thank you so much for the love! It is sooooo appreciated!

  53. Kim McGraw

    Thank YOU!

  54. Cathy Naghitorabi

    Thanks! You’re appreciated too!

  55. Paula Javarone Blance

    Thanks for the appreciation Zdoggmd! ????

  56. Denise Hopp

    Thank you so much! We love you!

  57. Kandi Hart

    Thanks ZDOGG! You are awesome and as a nurse your videos entertain but also speak truth!!! You have reached beyond “the apex of medicine”!!! LOL!! Love you and thanks!!!\nKandi Hart, RN

  58. Clairissa Korrell

    Thank You for bringing us humor and for understanding our struggle!

  59. sciencebabe

    “Beating heart and soul” – you forgot “brains.” I’ve been thinking about how it is our hearts and souls that has allowed us to be put into the position of not being listened to wrt patient safety. They can count on us to bend over backwards while still meeting our patients needs. Let’s talk a little about brains. I want my thinking to be valued.

    • Sandra Pearson

      Brains for sure!!! Critical thinking, split second decisions, recognizing potential errors and making blind obedience obsolete. Saving lives, and taking names!!

    • Bindy

      Yes I don’t think the general public realizes how much we need to know and are responsible for. Often times I feel as if the public thinks of us as waitresses or worse.

  60. Lisa Velez-Yocum

    Wow how I miss nursing and fighting my way like HELL to get back after a spine injury caused by stopping an open heart patient from falling….3 yrs now but Im hoping to be back this FALL! Thanks for the tears and appreciation!

    • Shane Clower

      Yep 1.5 off with shoulder injury. Im back and babying my should with every boost and turn

    • georg1951

      Lisa, I never made it back to the bedside after my lumbar fusions but I went back to school and am now teaching and working on my MSN. That is one of the great things about nursing–there are so many areas you can work in. Good luck to you and heal fast. GeorgAnne Dion, BSN, RN

  61. Natosha Bond

    Thank you for recognizing the problems with healthcare as it relates to nursing. I wish other physicians and administrators would join you. Great job on all your videos too!

  62. Lynn Landseadel

    We need more Docs like you! Do you give lessons??

  63. MegsCharley Bowen

    Made my day!! Love it!! Proud of my nurse stethoscope!!

  64. Melissa Falcone

    There aren’t enough ways to say “THANK YOU!!!” for this :’) Those are happy tears. Feeling very UNappreciated at work recently…so thank you thank you thank you, truly.

  65. Catherine Sargeant

    Thank you, brighten up my day before I start my 12 hour night shift in ICU 🙂

  66. Latania Wolfe

    this is too cuteee & hilarious…Love it Happy Nurses Day !! nurses and furture nurses 🙂

  67. Lesly Federici

    How AWESOME and thoughtful… thank you! We never hear it enough …

  68. EDRN1129

    Made me tear up! As a ED trauma nurse at a level one trauma center with a 7:1 ratio I cannot tell you how rare it is to hear “We appreciate you” Thank you for everything you are doing!

  69. Jaime Beck

    Thank you! ICU nurse from Klamath Falls, Or!

    • ZDoggMD

      Doing the duck face! Love it.

  70. Crusty Rusty

    Don’t forget the guys; we have our own issues in this career 😉

  71. Linda Huhn Delloiacono

    I work on the second busiest Labor and Delivery unit in the Country, we have a great bunch of Nurses, we are quite the team, starting with our Nurse Manager.\nWe know she must get hammered by the suits but she never takes it out on her Nurses. We have great CRNA’S ANM’s RN’s,LPN’s,and CNN. We are a team like no other for our patients.

  72. Tosha Trostle

    No Words <3 I'll say a BIG thank you for making my morning brighter (^O^) LOVE from The East Coast sent to you, ZDogg, and all RNs/Medical Staff!!

  73. Lisa Ford

    We laugh when we want to cry, we stay when we want to leave, and we care when others won’t. Thank you for showing us some love, ZDoggMD.

    • georg1951

      Thank you,Lisa, for all you do. BTW, I’m so stealing that. GeorgAnne Dion, BSN, RN

    • Savannah Tybee

      I love your shirt!!

  74. Liz Zemke

    Thanks for the tribute, Zubin. 45 years I’ve been an RN…….always nice to hear when we are appreciated.

  75. Ryryr825

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This means so much! I wish I could say more… but thank you!!! I have been a nurse for 15 years and have worked with some amazing physicians over the years… but in the last few years it seems with financial cuts, changing laws… etc… the medical personnel are all so overwhelmed that the physicians PA’S Practitioners and nurses are more at each other’s throats instead of being a team… this is sooo refreshing and brought a tear to my eye! Again… thank you!\n(ICU RN in central PA)

  76. Marty Gildersleeve

    ~Got Nothing But Love For Ya~\nThank You ZDOGG MD\nM.CAFARELLI, RN.

  77. Anne Villerot

    LOVE YOU! & All of your videos! Thank you! I feel blessed everyday to be practicing as a nurse! It is a privilege

  78. Gia Daniel

    Nurses are the protagonists of The Wizard of Oz after seeing the Wizard; we always had the heart, the brain, the courage, the drive to go home (double shifts, anyone?), but those danged Flying Monkeys and Witches get better press.\nWe need the Administrators as much as we need Housekeeping. They do things that we COULD do, but not as effectively, and it would be taking away from patient care. I’m tired of the wars of doctors vs nurses, nurses vs lab, nurses scrounging each other for extra protein.\nThank you for appreciating us. And for appreciating the workers. All of us.\nNow, if we could just get patients to understand that we are not maids, it ain’t a hotel, and stop stealing the freakin’ linens!

  79. RN_that_thinks

    Thank you! #HEALTHCARETEAM

  80. Michelle

    This brought tears to my eyes and made me laugh! Thank you for sharing your appreciation. Nurses love you for your support ??

  81. Darleen Borden

    Think this belongs here:) Kern Medical Nurses!!!! Bakersfield, California. Happy Nurses Week!:)\n

    • Colleen Falke

      Kern Medical nurses ROCK!

  82. Danielle Hannan-Wolfe

    Wow!!! Seriously made me tear up a bit to know that someone really gets what we endure and give sincere thanks. I feel like most I have received in my 13 years by docs and administration is metaphorically like putting lipstick on a pig. \n

  83. Valerie McCrary

    Thank You ZDOGGMD! I enjoy your videos. Even after one of the toughest shifts, and at the point exhaustion your videos manage to lift spirits and put smiles on faces. I think of how awesome it must be to work with you. I really truly hope that you are appreciated for the true Gem that you are… Not many physicians care about how they treat the Nurses, patients, RT, x-ray, lab oranyone else on the team for that matter. That makes for a LONG shift. Thank You for all that you do! Thank you for the appreciation of not just nurses, but everyone. Thank you for taking a stand for what is right and not just cowering to all of the wrongs in Healthcare. Thank You!\nValerie Rn

  84. Russel DCunha

    Nurse on the cardiac floor, working full time and going to school time to be a doctor. WOOT WOOT!

  85. Emergiblog

    I’ve seen a lot of tributes in my 38 years of nursing, but this one hit me right in the chest. Thank you.

  86. Victoria Victory

    Thank you for sharing our story and coming from a doctor it means a lot. Your message is very powerful and hopefully reaches patients, the public, other healthcare disciplines, and political figures. This is a great week to show everyone what we do but also the struggles we deal with. Sharing this with friends and colleagues. Thank you again for bringing light to issues that need to be addressed.

  87. Cheryl Robison

    Love all my great night shift coworkers! Docs, nurses and PCTs alike; we are a TEAM! and we ROCK!

  88. Jill Lazarto Burress Dickerhoo

    Thank you for recognizing us!

  89. Kara Gallagher

    I know you appreciate our brains, too. You expressed it in the beginning. I thank YOU for appreciating us! I understand patients and families being unable to express gratitude. They are sick, stressed and overwhelmed. However, physicians often take our talents and efforts for granted.

  90. Shari

    Thank you for noticing all nurses do for patients and hospitals. We may not all be at the bedside, but we all do or part to help. Educators, all unit nurses, case managers…we all play a part.

  91. Donna Barker

    Thanks Dr. Z! It’s a lot more than we got from Adminidtration this year! To

  92. Julie Ann

    This is beautiful. Made me cry!

  93. Cbirch

    This is awesome but dont forget the back bone of the nursing staff cnas,pcts,pcas,bhts.\n

  94. Candice Z Floro Walters

    So much easier to our jobs when we have the support of Doctors that communicate respectfully and appreciate our help. We keep your patients alive! It’s a win /win situation. Thanks ZDOGGMD for your support and words of encouragement!!

  95. Candice Z Floro Walters

    So much easier to do our jobs when we have the support of Doctors that communicate respectfully and appreciate our help. We keep your patients alive! It’s a win /win situation. Thanks ZDOGGMD for your support and words of encouragement!!

  96. Sheri Miller

    Thanks Z. 40 years of nursing and still going strong!!

  97. Carol Oliver

    Thanks so much for this, a perfect way to kick of Nurses Week. Just got off an insane 12 hours shift in the ED and needed the encouragement.

  98. Janie Harvey Garner


  99. Emily Cribb

    Thanks for this. Being a nurse in the busiest ER in NC isn’t easy and we are often times not appreciated. Needed something to smile about!! Thanks again

  100. Jennifer Justice Cawley

    This Home Health nurse and 17 year nurse loved it! Thank you.

  101. Serena M Zimmerman

    Lpn here from PA. I love your videos finally someone gets it and isn’t afraid to say it!

  102. Lori

    Thank you so much!! That was a blessing to my spirit. You are awesome for your fun loving tribute!!!\n\nLori

  103. Amanda Santiago

    Thank you for the acknowledgment, I have watched so many start to burn out just from the lack of. We have a unique career and so many have lost the “heart and soul”. I had a student recently paired with me that was taken back by how I tailor my bedside to my patients. How I could hold a mother and her stillborn in my arms as we did last rights and then walk into the next with a smile on my face to start an iv for a new admit. Our critical thinking skills are an amazing asset to you physicians, but we are a phenomenal whole shebang. To care but keep your own emotions and personal beliefs out, to think and respond emergent but maintain within your scope, to collaborate care but be the voice of your patient. We fight for you when you don’t have the strength or knowledge to fight for yourself. We hold your hand as you take your last breath, or as you come into this world to take your first one. When you are at your worst whether physically or mentally you will have a nurse willing to put thier life on hold to help you with yours. We will guide you through your darkness with our lamp held high. We are nurses.

  104. Rebecca Carter Sprauer

    Thank you!

  105. Erica Withrow

    Loved it! Your songs and videos crack me up. This was of course the best 😀

  106. Lauren Pepperman Anderson

    I have been a nurse for 32 years. I graduated from LSU Nursing school and am so proud of that. I have been retired for almost 9 years due to Doctor error. I am finally in a place where I accept what happened and deem it God’s will. In my years of disability, \n\nunemployment and disappointment I finally came to realize that in addition to the loss of career, it was a LOSS OF CALLING. BEING A NURSE IS A CALLING…YOU DO NOT BECOME A NURSE, YOU ARE BORN A NURSE…It takes a very special person to hands on take care of others…to all my nurse friends, I salute you….Hell, I salute myself..

  107. Amy Kessler

    Love it!!! Best decision of my life was going back to school to become a nurse!!!! LPN from Florida!!!

  108. Stacy

    That’s great! I’ve been an icu RN for 22yrs, some in management and I always took the time to let my teammates know I care and appreciate them. Thanks for doing so on such a large podium!!

  109. Amy Spencer Morrow

    Thanks for the props! I’m in deep at 30+ years. #brains,brawn,balls

  110. Chanda Kim

    Love you ZDoggMD! Thank you for appreciating us nurses! As a nurse I am so lucky to work in a great unit where our Doc’s are amazing to work with. So I need to give a shout out to my team all the nurses AND Doc are amazing! And here is my stethoscope!

  111. Sarah Fetterman, RN

    OMG! Where are the rest of the physicians like you???? In my 25+ years of Nursing in ER, ICU, Open Heart, Telemetry, and private Cardiology office, I have met very few like you! In fact, I am so very disgusted with the current path of Healthcare that I am considering leaving my RN career behind and pursuing something “non-medical”. Thank you for being you and realizing a Nurses true value. God Bless!

  112. Tatiana Falk

    Yo ZDogg, thanks for the shout-out from this RN in community health, helping our patients manage their health issues so they can stay in their homes takes a lot of teamwork!

  113. GreenEyedNinjaNurse

    Thank you for the mad props yo!

  114. Chris Duck

    Thank you for this. Simply thank you. 23 years in the career here.

  115. Patricia St-Amant Boyle

    Hahaha! Omg i love this!! 🙂 thank you !

  116. Debbie Schlangen Lawson

    Thanks for taking your time to show us nurses how much you appreciation us. Awesome video\n\n

  117. Megan Rae Young

    I’m a new grad RN, and had a horrible 1st Nurses’ Day, definetly not feeling appreciated at my long term care job, and having a hard time with this Healthcare 2.0. Thank you ZDogg for the nursing love, we all don’t get to work with people who appreciate us ?.

    • Cynthia Shaughnessy

      Megan, \n\nMy first job as an RN just about ran me out of the profession. While not professionally positive, I left after eight months, completely disheartened. I had a doctor look at me on my third day and very loudly and sarcastically state “are you new?”. I looked back and said “Yes, I am. And I could use a little guidance on this one.” For which I was written up for being insubordinate and unprofessional. I hope this one improves, and if you don’t hear it at work, let me be the one to say it; those experienced nurses were one day right where you are. You will meet and find those who are happy to support, teach and educate you on your transition from school to the reality of healthcare, and it may come down to recognizing not there. You will even find those who are willing to stand by you when other disciplines want to condemn you for being new. Guess what; we were all new when we were born, and we go through many new stages throughout our lives where we learn to walk, and then progress to run. We are educated to apply these concepts to our patients, we need to apply them to each other as well. Lots of nurse love your way.

    • sm1961

      Megan- DO NOT give up- The nurses and other members of the care team who work in Long Term Care get a special shout-out. I think what you said so well is that people who don’t GET recognition and respect turn into people who don’t GIVE recognition & respect and thats the problem in my view. Find a buddy- someone you can laugh, cry and learn with. Your patients need you and so does Healthcare 2.0

  118. Cathy

    Love this!! I guess being under appreciated, underpaid, over worked etc is hard. When you save a life, help a child be stronger in spite of illness, or help a family deal with a crisis it makes it all worth it in the end. Working in an environment controlled by big business insurance companies and large for profit organizations changes things in our practice but we should never forget that our patients are our #1 priority. We should do our very best to treat others as we wish to be treated if we were in the same circumstance. Take the very best care of our patients as if they were our own child or family member. Happy nurses day to all!!

  119. Princess Gooden

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    Thanks so very much for the amazing video!! The first one in this picture from right to left is Sonya Ivester RN, Mike McClintic RN, and Jewel Harris RN. We didn’t see our names so I just wanted to give them to you. We are part of the SMH ECC Ebola team. We loved the video and greatly appreciate the tribute!

    • georg1951

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  121. Dulce Carolina Cervantes-Sanch

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    OMG, loved it! Had a horrible day and this cheered me up. My manager told me that I lacked critical thinking. I am a nurse of nearly seventeen years, have been an ER nurse, ER nurse trainer, charge nurse, nurse manager among other roles and this RN manager with under 5 years as a nurse in one department had the nerve to say this to me because I told her that I didn’t have the equipment to do my job. I’m sick. Thank God that I am at least appreciated by my patients.

  123. Dee Gaston Henderson

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  124. Johanna Rollins

    Getting silly at work, gotta wear good socks to save the legs. Nurses are a special kind of people and when I went into this I never expected to LOVE it so much. Good Samaritan Hospital, Puyallup Washington, some of the best nurses and people I have ever met. Happy Nurses week Nation Wide. I hope your company/hospital/unit/manager/ Doctors are showing some appreciation to u all.

  125. Charmaine Silva

    Thank you!

  126. Karl Johnson

    ZDogg, I started my career in an ICU staffed with old school intensivists who thought my education was their responsibility. As a care giver and clinician I’ll always owe them. Nurses and doctors working as a team is an amazing thing, and we backstop each other. That’s the way it is supposed to be; we balance your enormous education with experience in hours of observation. I’ll back you up anytime, Z.

  127. Justanarmywife

    Primary care nursing often gets overlooked – we may work M – F 8a-5p, but we do so much in those hours. We are case managers, ensuring our patients get seen not only by our own clinic, but any sub-specialty that is needed, we are social workers, ensuring our patients and their families know what resources are available and helping them get to those resources, we are patient educators, helping patients and their caregivers understand the disease process and the path to wellness, we are patient advocates, often standing in front of providers and justifying our reasons for why we think the patient needs what they need. Finally, we are the “right-hand of the provider” – taking care of our providers by working to establish protocols allowing nurses to have autonomy and giving the provider more time with patients who have more complex needs.

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    Proud to be a nurse for the past 23 years! Now as a DON of 7 Rural Community Health Clinics in southeast OK, I struggle with trying to balance the administration and nurse side daily! It’s tough!!! Thank you ZDoggMD got your support and what you are trying to do for us and the healthcare industry! Keep it up!

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  131. Cheryl Moore

    Smart docs get it!!! I love the team work that is possible when the docs understand that patient care is optimized when we work together. I love my patients and want what is best for them!!!! Appropriate ratios and interprofessional collaboration!! Thank you for this great rap!!

  132. Karen Cooney McCandless

    Loved it!!! Love the message, along with your sense of humor. You know we all need that in our daily lives! Don’t forget to thank all of those MEN who are our fellow nurses, that work beside us! Thank you ZDogg! -Karen, a pediatric NP

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  136. Debbie Kennedy

    Shout out- from Long Island, NY, we appreciate you acknowledging the struggles we face in healthcare today. “EPIC fail”- so right. Clicking boxes -all shift- is what we do now. So far from the pts bedside. It’s just gotten so crazy, but still such a privilege to do this job and be called a Nurse. Nurses Rock!!

  137. Dena Lanfrankie

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    Thank you, ZDogg. I’ve been in the business for 16 years; 12 years as a nurse, 4 years as an NP, got my Doctorate two years ago, and was working as an RN in the ER for the past two months to stay busy while I looked for a job… even got off my shift last night. I also served in the Navy and used my GI Bill to pay for Grad School. I am living in Arizona but I’m moving to Massachusetts for my new job. As I continue as an NP, I will always appreciate the hard work it is for nurses to get orders done, deal with difficult patients catch concerning things due to experience and intuition and know patient care tricks not passed down by textbook like sniffing alcohol swab to alleviate nausea.\n\n\n

  141. Tina Shermer

    Dr. Zdogg! Thank you! Working on The Seasoned Nurse Initiative and would like your thoughts. Check out my upcoming website. \nTina

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  148. Teechica

    Epic went live this week…..we are supporting each other as a team and bringing our MDs into the fold❤ We are amazing ans I cried when I watched this….my practice is an extension of me and to feel your words actually makes me want to go back to the Epic chaos and do it again…..RNMDCNARTSWPTOT…..continuous and tied together❤???

  149. Crystal Wenzler Moseley

    You are such a wonderful person and so much better than most Docs. What a blessing it must be to work for/with you!!

  150. Scott S.

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  151. Melissa V

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  152. Doris

    Thank you, been a nurse 40 years, may all the ” new” nurses and doctors be blessed. Still love being a nurse,hate the new business models for hospitals.

  153. Louise

    After a rough 13 hr day in Oncology being ridiculously under resourced, working through breaks to give patients more than I’ve got, still taking shit (literally and metaphorically) because pt’s aren’t getting the resources they deserve, I really appreciated this video. Made me cry…

  154. Star W O'Malley

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  155. SpartanHoyaRN

    I. Love. You. If we had more of you and less of the suits, we’d see 3.0 a whole lot sooner and smarter!\n\nThank you for the props! Keep speaking truth to power, and we’ll keep taking amazing care of the people who need us the most. ;-*

  156. Shane Clower

    That was great! No Drinks at the nurse station, lmao thats why i drink a gallon of water when i get home than keep waking up to void!

  157. Logan Hedges

    Z… I just turned 47. Im about to finish my very first year as an RN. yeah…Real Nurse. I have had many careers, a good life…i have traveled. Proud to say that I love what I do, and am the happiest I have been in my life. I work with some of the very best people each day, doctors, technicians, radiologist, phlebotomists, transporters, social workers, administrators, and oh yeah…other nurses. Thanks for giving a rap about what we do each day.

    • Eddie Dulaney

      I am INSULTED by your Real Nurse comment! I have been a LVN for 24 years and have trained many of your so called Real Nurses that would not know Clonidine from a catheter!

      • Eddie Dulaney

        Real nurses are on the front lines as LVN’s all over the medical world! We stand next to the resident that just passed because after five minutes of CPR she died anyway. We are the nurses that pick up the phone and call the son , daughter or spouse that their loved one just passed even though we tried or best! We are the Real Nurses that cry after we hang up because we lost our loved one also! Nurses such as you who use the term real nurse we chew up and spit out! How many times have you been dealing with the safety of your residents, all of them, during a tornado with golf ball sized hail when one of them complains of chest pain ,radiating down both arms and the neck? When that same resident does not respond to nitro x 3 and you make the split second decision to send him out because it is you,two CNA’S and, an administrator, despite the weather outside, without a doctor telling you over the phone? When that same tornado had just torn the roof off of a café not two blocks from your facility? How many times has an ambulance pulled up in your facility yard next to the door where the hail stones will not hit your resident? That’s a REAL NURSE! Maybe one day you too will be a REAL nurse not just someone with initials after your name!

        • HealthIsPossibleAgain

          Eddie, your post was a year ago but I find you to be a drag here. We are celebrating our profession of caring and expertise and you seem to have lots of anger towards RNs. You’re an LPN, RNs are RNs and MDs are MDs. You are what you went to school to be and sat for the exam to become. We get it that you have stories- I have been an RN for 37 years and I’m still going strong, and with many stories I could tell. I would never post a hateful generalization about a fellow healthcare professional. You need to get a grip. I’ve taught new, young doctors at Emory during my grueling shifts in the surgical liver transplant ICU but I’m not at all angry about it or angry toward them. It was an honor to do it and I realize they are still above me in education even though I showed them a couple of helpful things. You have a chip on your shoulder that needs to come off.

      • norcal9Rgirl

        You are a nurse right? Doesn’t matter what you “initials are” you are Appreciated. Don’t hate only love!

      • Eris

        “Real Nurse” is an old joke. Don’t get bent out of shape. LPNs and LVNs are nurses, too, and this RN appreciates all you do!

      • Nancy Marenchin Ayers

        i’m a retired RN who has had the privilege of working with, and learning from, some AMAZING LPNs, i’ve also worked with some who thought they knew better and almost killed people medicating on orders i told them were in the process of being questioned but went ahead anyway before a revised order was placed. Thank God for Narcan! Hearing a code called on your floor while you’re on lunch break and just knowing…
        Respect goes both ways.

  158. Denise Cohen

    I have been saying for years “nursing the backbone of healthcare”. . . literally. I am proud to be a nurse and a nurse scientist

  159. Nancy Weddell Schimpf

    You are awesome! I have been a nurse for 44 years and I have never felt more “appreciated” than I do when I listen to you. Thank you from one of the vintage nurses that is still practicing!

  160. Ivelisse Ivelisse

    Love it!! Thank you ZDoggMD for appreciating us nurses! Mega Like I Share ? Hi from Puerto Rico

  161. Ann Pouncy

    Thanks for the tribute- it was touching and humorous all at the same time. After being a bedside hospital nurse in ICU for last 22 years, i reached my point of “burnt out” and am now doing Home Health Nursing.

  162. Sherita A. Hall

    Thanks ZDoggMD!?

  163. Betsy Kenerson

    Heartfelt thanks to you ZDoggMD for the appreciation and the hope that it will get better for nurses and everyone in the healthcare system! I believe we all take this situation seriously because we are dedicated professionals, but it sure helps to have a sense of humor to get us through! Right back at ya from a PACT nurse in Lowell, MA.

  164. Judy Andrews Dollar

    Totally awesome! Thank you so much!


    I hope this goes viral! Sometimes you wish you could tell it like it is but you paint on that smile and in the sweetest voice you tell your patient that’s what you are here for and it’s my pleasure while your brain is crying OMG HELP ME! You would love to let them know that we can’t stand there for an hour listening to them fuss about not liking the Doctor or a fellow nurse etc.. and that I am supposed to check on 5 or 6 patients every hour and during every round for each of you I have to check 100 boxes stating everything was in place, y’all were safe, what I did to ensure y’alls safety and what I did for y’all while I was in there!!! I would love to ask why do you only pick on your nurses? We have assistants that can help you go to the bathroom too! I don’t mind helping you but DANG why don’t you want up when the CNA is making rounds too or why do you ask for your nurse every time you have to go to the bathroom… My assistant can help you also! The clerk thought you needed something only I could do because you asked to see THE NURSE! Well since I am in the room I think it would be stupid for me to walk out and call the CNA to come do it although He/She has been sitting at the nurses station for an hour! I don’t mind helping you go to the bathroom 2 or 3 times… but dang come on every hour? Just tell them you need to go to the bathroom so my CNA can at least take you 1/2 the time!!! My back hurts from lifting that 500 pound man and if I lift one more person tonight I feel like my back is going to snap! WOW now I am so far behind I will never get caught up! Then when you think you can finally try to catch up they inform you that you are getting another admit and you have not even gotten the first one done!!! WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO NURSING? It used to be so much better than this!


    Thank you for this tribute to nurses… I wish this would go viral and all people would listen to the words. I have had a difficult night with demanding patients and this song said it all! I wish patients would learn they don’t have to ask for the nurse when they want to go to the bathroom every hour…. just tell the clerk you need help to the bathroom then at least my assistant could take them half the time! Also I wish they new to tell the Doctor they didn’t like him/her instead of making me listen to it for over an hour! I am not kidding… this and more was my night last night!

  167. Colleen Bonnet

    Appreciate the luv, very nice!

  168. Fiona Green

    Thanks for the video ZDogg, we love you too 🙂

  169. Fthenewworldorder

    Thank you for being a Champion for Nurses. Too bad many more doctors don’t do the same. If the docs and nurses banded together we could change this nonsense! We have become computer jockeys with too many high acuity patients all so the government can collect data. I have been an RN for many years (I think Moses was my first patient) and it is so disheartening to see the paradigm shift from pt care to pt data. Kudos to you and keep making our hearts happy with your wonderful videos.

  170. Kim Sanders Mango

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    Thank you for highlighting what so many of us work with. Thanks for recognizing the strength and integrity of Nurses who go forward unrecognized and un-bought and still retain the joy of Nursing.\n\nTRuly grateful for All the Nurses, NP’s, PA’s Aides/ Assistants I work with who remain committed to the REAL mission of great patient care; who are supportive of Nurses’ myriad efforts to continue providing that care and who are BRAVE enough to eschew the politics and the “-isms” that invade Nursing. I thank those who remain standing day by day with their Nursing colleagues and refuse to be a “team player” for broken administrations and their ever overflowing personal bank accounts. \n\nMany many of you have been in Nursing for many many many years and have seen administrations come and go. You have seen Real Nurses forget their mission and their passion and cave in under the weight of Real Money. You have seen the incompetent assume or been given Real Power and you have lived through multiple disappointments as valuable (rather than valued) colleagues walk out of jobs they love but are too exhausted to continue doing. You have oriented multiple new people only to see many of them leave for greener or friendlier pastures.\n\nYou have unfortunately learned the sad but very valuable lesson that Human Resources Dept is just a strong arm of Administration and is often not there to work with you to help solve identified “human” problems but are often there to protect a broken Hospital Administration. Most of you have seen multiple financial companies all over your city come in to “rescue” damaged and weak hospital systems and provide “bankruptcy protection” only to walk away richer than the hospital itself, leaving it now totally broken and no longer “protected” … in financial ruin. You have seen the names of those same “experts” as they move on to circle and “protect” other institutions.\n\nWith all of this background noise, you continue the valiant fight to be the brain, heart and soul of Nursing. I am honored to be part of such an amazing group of people and profession.

  173. Vicky Stevens RN CCRN

    Patients should always be the #1 focus. Your honest approach and the support you share with all of us is much appreciated. Cheers to your caring approach, taking humor to express the truth and maintaining your keen assessment skills – monitoring the pulse of America. As healthcare professionals providing direct patient care we have a Bird’s eye view of what’s happening in our hospital’s and clinic’s. Thank You ZDOGGMD – you ROCK!!

  174. Joyce Oslund Mason

    Amazing video, gave me a smile! Thank you for the support ~ wear the name nurse proudly!

  175. kidmodel

    Now retired after 30 years in the trenches. Sad to know it’s still so hard to be at the bedside where we belong…now it’s clicking through screens of stupidity, back in my day it was ‘don’t forget to update the care plan…” No – I need to make rounds….but, but, the phone is ringing and there’s no unit clerk. I can’t be the addressograph queen when my pt. is coding……..yahhhhhhh. And crazy shart like adding our own KCl to IV bags with KCl right on the shelf next to the .9%NS!!!! Whaaaat? When I left to take the NP route – I got to take care of patients again!!! But uh, oh – medicine had lost it’s ‘golden age’ and adopted a whole new set of vile commandments…. after DRG, inane metrics…meaningless use. Sigh. Retirement beckoned and I could not fight back. But LOVE your musical approach to our realities and MUCH better than placebo. Difference? You are not mean spirited in any way and still just as FUNNY. LOVE your love song to nurses. This matters a LOT. THE coolest part of this was your pointed retort to that pinhead on ‘the view’ —- doctor scope you borrowed from a nurse, thanks for sharin! Nurz Lyfe lives and thank you very much Zubin….

  176. Dana Smith

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  177. Stacy

    Love my Littmann! I’ve had it my entire career, 22yrs. Can’t even imagine how many lives it’s touched?? With my hand made stethoscope cover! Made it several years ago for myself and my ICU/PCU nurses for Nurse’s Day!

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  179. Becky Weaver

    I admit, this vid made me tear-up, too. Thank you for honoring our integral role in the process of health and healing. It is an astonishingly tough job, nursing. Thank you for singing the song of the unsung…Mad love and respect to you!

  180. Carmen McIntyre

    This video made me teary eye! Your words mean so much! This is exactly what we see on a daily basis. As a nurse, I never thought that in my life time we would truly be seen and appreciated for all we do! Thank you ZDoggMD for your most awesome way of tribute to all nurses!…..Stay blessed and focused!

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    AWWWWW!!!!! Thanks so much!!!! Love it!!! As far as the brains thing goes, I’m pretty sure you meant that when you stated, “we save your butts!!” Our critical thinking skills and brains save A TON of patients before the Doc gets there, but the patients don’t SURVIVE without the DOCTORS AND NURSES!!!!!!

  186. Michelle Cook

    Thank you so much. It warmed my heart. I love my Doctors together we are a tremendous team each doing what we were trained to do and valuing the other for it. I have been treated with respect because I treat THEM with respect.

  187. amt

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  188. Gwynn Johnson Cox

    THANK YOU!!! I have been a nurse over 30 years, still practicing and have rarely been thanked. But I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

  189. Crystal Mary Lindsey

    LOL…love it Mate. I am a retired Ozzie R.N. who worked for a time in Tn and am now back in Queensland… This is a great video. Bless you for putting your heart into making nurses feel good.

  190. Melonie Livergood

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  191. camille

    As a doc who runs a busy psych ER, I want to add my thanks and appreciation to all the nurses out there. From my first night on call as an intern (when one patient had chest pain and another a seizure simultaneously) ’til now, it’s the nurses who have saved my ass more than once– with heart, soul and brains, and experience and common sense and amazing powers of observation. I recently had a hip replaced, and saw things from the patient’s point of view. I don’t think I saw the surgeon (or even the new July ortho intern) for more than five minutes total. It was the nurses who were there with me, encouraging and helping, made me feel that I mattered to them, and answered my questions. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all you do.

    • ZDoggMD

      My dad, a doc who recently had encounters with the medical system, says the same dang thing. #NursesRock

  192. danwalter

    Here’s a place where nurses can go to report dangerous patient safety conditions:

  193. Chris Borst

    Thanks ZDogg MD for the appreciation. Here’s a photo of some Nursing Professors at MSU Bozeman College of Nursing at graduation. I’m the one without all the regalia yet. Working on my DNP in Psych & Mental Health through Gonzaga. Thanks for your support.

  194. Della Vanerwegen Bard

    Thank you. Lovin’ the respect.

  195. BMack

    This is so great. Glad to know that we are seen even if it is only by a few. God sees and that is what really matters.
    ThAnks for the appreciation ZDogg.

  196. Tracy Moudry

    I would love to work with you! You seem like such an amazing doctor who totally understands and embraces the entire healthcare team! I love how all your posts reflect that we need to focus on the best of our patients and not simply the requirements from those stupid surveys. If a patient is 100% satisfied and pain free, chances are they shouldn’t have been in the hospital to begin with! Being sick is no fun for anyone!

  197. Mary A. Vest

    yessss, feeling the love, respect and appreciatin’!

  198. Jahrn

    It is so good to hear genuine appreciation for what we nurses do. I teach nursing students and sometimes it’s difficult to watch the excitement they feel, knowing that as they enter a system which doesn’t always value their skills nor provide for an environment in which they can do their best, they may become disillusioned. Perhaps knowing they aren’t alone in their frustrations will keep them going. I hope so. We need them!

  199. Becki Brown Baker

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  203. Charlene Perry

    Thank you for showing nurses that we are appreciated.

  204. Carol Rendleman Wilson

    Love, love, love! Thank you for the acknowledgment. In home health I’ve rocked critical babies, stroked the head of dying children, suctioned trachs, wiped dirty bums, repaired broken equipment, fixed broken appliances, had to tell a vent patient that her dad died, helped write Christmas cards for someone who couldn’t write, gave hair cuts, patched corsets so a quadraplegic could sit up in a wheelchair and accompanied her to the state capital to lobby for patient advocacy, packed wounds, replaced yanked PEGs, sat in the ICU on my night off when my patient had surgery, and drove through all types of severe weather including hurricanes and blizzards to do it all! After 24 years, I can’t think of a thing I would do differently!

  205. Lisa Gary Pinkham

    THANK YOU!! <3 from the bottom of my exhausted
    nursing heart…

  206. OHnurseinFL

    Nurses……caring for people at their worst, treated the worst….but we keep on caring! <3 to you all for keeping the profession real!

  207. Julie Werner Bauknecht

    I’ve been a nurse for 28 years. He’s right about ‘patient satisfaction’. Hospitals are NOT hotels. I’d rather have my health care team SMART rather than SWEET.

  208. Lori Jean Wagner

    Thanks Z!! You are appreciated too!!

  209. Tracy Gelinas

    Thanks, Zdogg. Your posts always make me smile. It’s nice to see docs standing up for nurses, patients, and each other. You rock.

  210. Lisa Leiding

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  211. Shawnna Phillips

    Thank you so much ZDogg MD. In my hospital nurses week is has to be called “hospital week”. We wouldn’t want anyone to think nurses are anything special now would we? No better way to burn us out than being under appreciated. Thanks for showing you care and that we really do deserve to be recognized!!❤
    ER RN, rural IL

  212. Gail C

    Thank you……You are incredible to offer this appreciation! Love being a member of the team where I work, our anesthesiologists are the bomb!

  213. glitterock

    Years down the road, you look back, and are still proud of this profession. Starting out young. First stethoscope. First pair of scrubs. The stories you could tell. How many commutes home with the tears? How many more because someone took the time to say thanks? The risks and the love? 60 years old now and missing my work. Thank YOU ZDoggMD!

  214. Jackie Warner

    ZdoggMD rocks!!!!

  215. Jenna Velasco


  216. Leanne Gowler

    Aw thanks! Always great to be appreciated. I love my career as a Nurse. Team work is key. Communication is paramount. The love is essential ❤

  217. Cindy Martin

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  218. Kim Oney

    One thing I have heard time and time again from more than one patient how much nurse’s played a huge role in there recovery and often the reason there alive. So remember each and everyone of you who care for a patient, you are Amazing….

  219. Brenda

    Zdogg MD, thank you for making this video. Thank you for acknowledging how hard nurses work and putting it out there for the world to see. I’ve been a nurse for almost 30 years. Worked in healthcare in the hospital setting for 34 years. My background is Emergency Medicine and Case Management, until this past year, I’m now a manager of a Cancer Treatment Center (still in the hospital setting). I also have a Master’s degree in Clinical/Medical Ethics.

    What makes me so sad about the state of our medical delivery system it is based on reimbursement. It seems like everything we do or don’t do is based on being paid. Insurance companies have us by the short hairs. They won’t pay for this or that, they want us to send our patients home sick and then ding us when they get readmitted. They deny people the healthcare they need and deserve.

    I don’t know what the right answer is but I very much appreciate you educating people about the issues in medicine through you videos. It is a very unique platform but I feel gets the point across. Humor and music never hurt anybody.

    Hopefully, the medicine of the future will look a whole lot different, where the practice of medis not based on the ability to pay or not to pay. The practice of medicine will be equal to all those who live here from the homeless to Mr. Trump. Idealistic probably, acheiveable maybe, the right thing to do absolutely!

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    Mary & Julie
    United Hospital Systems
    Kenosha Medical Center Campus
    Kenosha, WI

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  232. Jennefer Sorrells-Frost

    Holistic … I think people don’t realize that nurses see the whole patient- not just their dx, or their vitals or meds. We know their family situation, if they have running water at home, if they can’t afford to eat regularly, wether they will need help with transportation or physical therapy at discharge. We need to be pharmacists, social workers, nutritionists, housekeepers and paramedics. I have mad love for the platform you’ve chosen – thank you for the support!!

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    Love the video. I have been a nurse for 9 years in many different settings such as LTC, doctor’s office, home care, med/surge, ER, and now in L&D. It is a problem in all of these settings. In the LTC facility I had 42 patients, 2 med passes and 8 hours to get it all done while trying to provide quality patient care and getting paid 16 an hour. No OT authorized so if you ran late it wasn’t compensated. In home care I was seeing 10 to 12 clients in a day and was driving 200-300 miles a day. Then come home and chart for several hours which isn’t paid because compensation was per visit and not based on hours. We also would have to be on call for weekends and overnight call but still see your own patient load as well. I don’t think many have a good sense of all the things a nurse does which might be why we are not compensated for our work like we could be. Plus they may not realize all the education along with all the CEUs and certifications we have to maintain. Nursing is truly a full contact sport. Lol

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    Therese B Pace MS,RN, CNS-BC, CCRN-K

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  247. Gracie Lou Freebush

    I am told my hospital does not go above and beyond for Nurses Week. This will be completely up to our individual clinics. For those brothers and sisters who will not get recognized, no matter where you are, know there is another nurse out there that completely appreciates you and all you do!

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    Crystal, RN BSN

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  254. Ronda Davis

    What about all the long term/Regab nurse ladies and gents….we are amazing. Talk about horrible patient to nurse ratios….try 40 patients to 1 nurse and maybe 2 CNA’S if you are lucky. I am an LVN and I have Real Nurses come to me every day for advice. Real Nurse is not in letters behind your name Real Nurse is in the caring in your heart and in the kitchen owl edge that comes with time and experience. I AM A REAL NURSE!

    • Betsy Holman Webb

      I agree, I work long term/ Rehab and acuity is higher with many times being short staffed. We are taking care of someone’s loved ones who cannot be home, we should have adequate staff to provide the best care possible.

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    Thanks again!

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