They said it would be about Health 3.0, so I watched the pilot episode.

I mean, it’s based on a “true story” written by a doctor about Bellevue Hospital, so how bad could it be?

Well, you’ll have to watch my live-recorded reaction (preferably without kids or nuns around) to find out. This review from Vulture pretty much sums up my position with 70% less cursing.

Bottom line: if you want to promote a message of Health 3.0, do it in a meaningful, thoughtful way that doesn’t suck. Those on the front lines of healthcare striving for real change need real inspiration, not absurd and insulting sugar-coated Hollywood garbage that reduces the real scope of the problem to a series of lame fantasies. We deserve better than that, even from our so-called “entertainment.”

You can check out the original Facebook post here, and let us know what YOU think of Hollywood’s take on fixing healthcare. And watch me review Fox’s The Resident too.