Prepare for some serious Mothers Day Momsplaining…

Mrs. Dogg and I hash out the findings of a new study done in conjunction with the Physician Moms Group on Facebook (nearly 70K strong) showing that considerable discrimination is experienced by mommy docs in health care work environments. And SURPRISE: there is more burnout in the groups reporting this discrimination. It gets real, so share with your favorite medical mom STAT!

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2 Responses to “Medical Moms, You Can’t Have It All…Here’s Why | Against Medical Advice 010”

  1. Angie Rhinehart

    When I was a nursing student a couple years ago, I had to fight my school to get a place to pump. One semester I and another student were discriminated against for needing to pump since we were breastfeeding our infants. She specifically called us out in front of our peers and punished us by making us clean up an incontient and confused patient (who wasn’t assigned to any student). I will never forget it. As nurses we should encourage breastfeeding if that’s what a mom chooses but we bash one another?

    • Cheri Henderson Ward

      When will we stop eating our young?


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