Hospitalist. Entrepreneur.

Son of immigrants.

The only Surgeon General to have a child while in office.

Dr. Vivek Murthy is a true rarity, willing to share with authenticity and hope his passions around issues such as substance abuse, the opioid crisis, and the other epidemic of social isolation and loneliness that may be fueling pretty much everything. This is an interview that is a must-watch for anyone in health care who hopes to influence government and public health as only we can. We in the tribe of healers have a deep responsibility to contribute, and Dr. Murthy embodies that spirit of compassion and generosity.

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3 Responses to “Real Talk w/The 19th Surgeon General of the United States”

  1. disciple

    ZDoggMD for Surgeon General!

  2. AuldLochinvar

    Does either of these gentlemen know about this:
    “Office of Science management and senior DOE employees deliberately
    withheld information from Congress during the legislative process and removed an
    agency scientist from federal service for providing complete answers to Committee
    The subject was the apparent refutation of the Linear No-Threshold, LNT conjecture used in estimating health risks caused by radioactive long term exposure at low rates. Dr Metting had testified to Congress that the assumptions which predict cancer rates from long term low level radiation are wrong.

    In fact, so far as I know, low level exposure to almost all influences injurious to living organisms does have a threshold level.


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