Some sentiments are best expressed in a greeting card. And some are best never expressed at all. Here are a mix of both that I cooked up especially for you, loyal viewers. Folks who follow on Facebook will already have seen some of these…so go there and ‘like’ the ZDoggMD page to join in the shenanigans.

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Oh! And enjoy this little rap song I did a while back for Rob Orman’s podcast. It’s called Take ’em Down!

Funny Medical Meme | Zcards | ZDoggMD
Funny Pediatric Meme | ZCards | ZDoggMD

Funny Psychiatry Meme | ZCards | ZDoggMD

Funny Medical Meme | ZCards | ZDoggMD

Funny Medical Meme | Cirrhosis | ZCards | ZDoggMD

Funny Vaccine Meme | ZCards | ZDoggMD

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