The boys are back in town 🔥. We talk about the future of social media, Elon Musk’s Twitter, misinformation policing failures, metabolic health, being your authentic self and more. 

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Topics & Timecodes

00:00 Verbal & non-verbal communication, listening & presence

02:43 The future of social media, Zuckerberg, Elon’s authenticity, Twitter & the blue checkmark disaster

10:49 Z’s alleged 30-millionaire status, calculating net worth, the importance of supporting content & creators you care about

14:54 Sensible Medicine & VP’s Misinformation Police article, suppression of ideas vs. presenting a better counter-argument, the far left & tribal identity

27:08 Terrible midterm election predictions, Dr. Oz’s inauthenticity & subsequent loss, pseudo-science “influencers”

33:26 America’s Frontline Doctors & Simone Gold’s alleged implosion

35:02 Masking kids & NEJM’s paper, observational vs randomized control trials, bad science & its overlap with politics, myocarditis, MedScape & the attack on Mandrola

46:30 Insulin resistance, the pros & cons of glucose monitoring as “health entertainment”, metabolic health, cold plunge

1:07:53 Bob Califf tweets & long Covid claims, Ashish Jha changes his tune

1:13:36 Authenticity, being seen for who you authentically are, ZDadd tech support, post-meditation retreat realizations

1:25:23 Predictions on the approaching world shift, final thoughts

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