Vetting medical news sources, our new Substack collaboration, angry tweets and much more.

How can you determine who is trustworthy when it comes to medical information? Our new project “Sensible Medicine,” untangling the complexities of health care reform, angry doctor Covidian tweets with magical thinking and religiosity, the dangers of over-testing and over-treatment with regards to routine blood work, Haidt’s 3 Great Untruths and cognitive distortions, pandemic response effect on true progressives, the consequences of ideological possession, how Vinay reviews the trustworthiness of sources, the difficulties of “debunking”, the monkeypox situation, and much more!

Check out our new Substack collaboration, Sensible Medicine. And check out all my previous episodes with Dr. Prasad, Vinay’s Plenary Session podcast and The VPZD Show podcast. 

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