OK Z-Pac. I really didn’t want to do this. I told them “no” initially. But when the producers at The Doctors asked me to come on the show to do a single segment repping ZDoggMD and Health 3.0, I caved. Why? Is it because I want to be a TV shill like Dr. Oz? Is it because I covet daytime television fame and the Depends™ endorsement that will inevitably follow? Is it because I’ve just been WAITING this whole time—biding my time making videos on YouTube to educate and entertain while trying to build Health 3.0 so I could SELL OUT THE FIRST CHANCE I GET??? Well, yes!

Well, actually no. A chance to spread the Health 3.0 revolution to the broader masses is one I couldn’t turn down. And we had so much fun with my main segment that they asked me to stay and shoot some more pieces (see edited teasers above and below, the full show in TV had a lot more stuff and I haven’t even seen it yet). So make fun of me, but watch nonetheless. And remember, when Dr. Oz asked me to be on HIS show, I told him to SUCK IT.


In the above clip, I give a fellow internet dog some love at around 1:30.


In this edited Doctors clip, we bring it back to the bowel in debunking “celebrity detox teas”!


In the above segment, we talk copper (sadly, this is just a tiny clip of the full conversation)


On The Doctors, ZDoggMD joins the conversation on “fat shaming.” Check around 2:40 for some Health 3.0 discussion with ZDoggMD.


“I’m melting…” and a 5 poo-emoji alarm! Diarrhea and the Dogg, LOL. #PooRollsDownhillToInternalMedicine #GlutenFail Check how Dr. Stork shouts out Health 3.0 tho!! #ThePooDeal


Intuition is real…voodoo isn’t. Check around 3:35 for my snarky comment.


I have to admit, I REALLY liked Tami Roman. Wherein we discuss #ButtImplants