Yes indeed, yours truly is gonna speak May 2nd, 2014 at the Texas Medical Association‘s TexMed 2014 conference in Fort Worth, TX! See an interview with me about the conference here!

The good people of the country’s largest state medical association asked me if I could throw together a quick promo video explaining what I’d be talking about. So I rustled up my hombre Josh.0 and we rode like the wind over to the Alamo (aka Turntable Health). Shortly thereafter, we humbly submitted the above!

Unfortunately, it seems that F-bombs and S-bombs, however sloppily bleeped out, were deemed a bit too “Vegas” for a such an august medical association. So see if you can pick out the differences in the “Made For TV” version below, hosted on the Association’s YouTube page…and we’ll see y’all at TexMed 2014!

TexMed 14 in the place to be

‘Cause Fort Worth is the city with tha’ history

The Stars At Night

Are Big and Bright

Deep In The Heart Of Texas!

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