Twitter is a strange beast. I generally find that posting there is like shouting into the void. It reminds me a bit of being in middle school; the popular kids get all the love, and the medical parody rappers are left to roll 18-sided dice and play Zork III. Right, where was I?

Ah, Twitter. Sometimes, though, it really does provoke catastrophe in a good way. Recently, @ERGoddessMD tweeted the line “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Sepsis.” Someone retweeted it at me. Next thing I know, I’ve written the song, recorded the vocals with Devin Moore (by now known to Z-Pac members everywhere AS A MUSICAL GOD), shot the video in my living room with the help of Mrs. DoggMD, enlisted the ZPupps, edited it all on my Mac, and BOOM.


Sepsis, of course, is no laughing matter. But hopefully this little jingle sticks in the heads of some folks out there and maybe, just maybe, it might promote early recognition and management of this life-threatening condition. Either way, I’m bolusing the egg nog tonight.

Enjoy and share! And watch how we made this video!

It’s beginning to look a lot like sepsis


When the BP’s low


Heart is racing and brain is dim


Send a lactate on ice and then


Place central lines ‘cause Santas dyin’ without Vanco


It’s beginning to look a lot like sepsis

When the temp is high


CVP is way down again


Give a bolus or maybe 10


Ain’t no silent night




A pair of blood cultures then a UA and chest film is the list of tests to begin


Entering them in the EHR can be an hour of clicking and then


The whole thing freezes, Jesus start that order set again

It’s beginning to look a lot like sepsis


Hang the dang Neo


Time is clicking down on the clock


When Santa’s got septic shock


All he wants for Christmas is some urine flow

It’s beginning to look just like malpractice


When you miss the signs


Early management is the key


If Santa is to see


Another Christmas time.