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    Integrating Trauma & Awakening The Heart (w/Simon Brown)

    • calendar_today November 4th, 2023

    There’s an intricate relationship between past trauma, our bodies, and the spiritual journey of awakening.

    Realizing the non-dual nature of existence and the illusion of self doesn’t allow us to simply bypass the echoes of past trauma that can linger in the body like energetic knots, often manifesting as chronic pain, disability, mental illness, and emotional distress.

    Our guest, Simon Brown, shares his remarkable journey navigating the challenging terrain of complex childhood trauma. Through the convergence of therapy, somatic practice, and the profound insights gleaned from years of Buddhist practice, Simon shares invaluable insights on integrating trauma while opening our hearts to true vulnerability, authenticity, and joy.

    Find Simon on YouTube here and on Instagram (where you can DM him!)

    Here are some of the resources Simon mentioned in our conversation:

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