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    Will Awakening Ruin Your Life? (w/Dr. Angelo DiLullo)

    • calendar_today February 6th, 2022

    Have you had a profound glimpse of awakening/enlightenment but you’re afraid to dive deeper (or you don’t know how)? Here’s a direct guide to further exploring your true nature.

    Get Dr. Angelo DiLullo’s book on awakening, Awake: It’s Your Turn, here. Check out Angelo’s YouTube channel with excellent pointer videos here. Sign up for Angelo’s email list for future meditation retreats and updates here. And watch ALL of our videos on awakening with my fellow Dr. D here

    00:00 Intro
    00:16 Could you have had an awakening and not know what it was? What is awakening, presence/consciousness, the role of distorting thought reflections.
    8:14 Lacking a context in which to place “awakening” experiences or foretastes
    9:48 The role of faith, doubt mass, and determination in enlightenment/awakening/realization. Distinguishing faith from “belief.”
    17:11 The deep dissatisfaction and suffering (dukkah) that can light a fire to seek authentic, living truth
    25:25 Can people with “good” lives and success wake up? The role of brutal honesty and authenticity in self-realization
    26:15 Medical professionals, “successful” people and the threat to identity that awakening might represent, the role of surrender and authenticity
    28:06 If you start down the path, DON’T STOP (here’s why), dealing with frustration and roadblocks
    34:03 The crucial importance of the present moment (rather than thought or stories ABOUT presence), the mind’s time-based hypnosis
    37:00 The difference between “experience” and “realization” and the loosening of thought-based identity structures
    47:00 Non-duality (no subject-object distinction, just experiencing itself)
    49:45 Suffering is the entry point, the role of retreat and surrender

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