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    How To Wake Up (Awakening, Explained Ep. 2 w/Dr. Angelo DiLullo)

    • calendar_today June 7th, 2021

    A deeper dive into the nitty gritty of spiritual awakening.

    This is the second interview in our series Awakening, Explained with my guest Dr. Angelo DiLullo. Angelo is a practicing anesthesiologist and author of the book “Awake: It’s Your Turn.”

    In this episode we discuss the nature of unbound consciousness, the role of inquiry and curiosity in awakening, how “just stop” can be a powerful gateway, the nature of beliefs as a hindrance to awakening, the importance of humility and authenticity on the path, the origins of the sense of “self” in childhood, the nature of non-dual reality/radical intimacy/love, the question “What Is This?” as inquiry, insane comedic interlude featuring constipation/Sesame Street jokes, what are thoughts, how does thought relate to suffering and the creation of a false “self” and much more. 

    Get Angelo’s book and download his free meditation app here.

    The rest of our Awakening, Explained interview series can be found here.


    Full video with transcript.

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