Tha’ ZPupp

August, 2011: This past week was marked by the auspicious birth of our second baby girl, clocking in at 6 pounds 11 ounces and packing a cry reminiscent of a tortured manatee. With all the sleep deprivation and projectile vomitus, some suckaz might think that I’d take an extended hiatus from the ZDoggMD enterprise to help the long-suffering Mrs. DoggMD. Wrong! If I did that, well, the newborn wins…

In any case, annoying daddy blogs are the next big thing—and I GOTS to get me a piece of that action. After all, I’m a daddy AND a doc, so I can spit game about newborn care from both angles. Sure, I only treat adults—but as they say in medical school (in my case the presitgious Pyongyang College of Medicine and Subsistence Farming), children are just little adults. Plus, that pesky restraining order expired two weeks ago. Look out kids under 5, ZDogg’s back!

Yo, thanks to the OTHER Dr. Ruth for this week’s end-credits logo! And thanks to Hugh Harvey for the title suggestion!