Love the skin you’re in.

As an slightly-off-white medical rapper, I take this to heart. Especially since tanning beds lead to hella wrinkles, Kesha!

So when dermatologist/researcher/mom and former medical intern of mine Dr. Eleni Linos of UCSF medical school reached out about making a video to raise awareness of the dangers of indoor tanning, I was like LIGHT THIS UP!


(Editor’s Note: the makeup for this video shoot spawned Dr. Zena McDrag…DEFINITELY not a character safe for work…or safe for anything, really.)

May is skin cancer and melanoma awareness month, so share the video with young folk you wanna see unwrinkled and un-cancered, and check this to find a list of places to get free skin checks.

Also, check out this front-page news article, which contains some dope behind-the-scenes photos…and stream/download the track here!

Addendum 8/13/19: Now a clinically-proven prevention tool, see the Stanford article here.



Wake up in the morning feeling pale and icky (Naw, you’re beautiful girl)

I’m gonna hit that tannin’ bed and bake it nice and crispy (Oh no)

Before I leave, brush my cheeks with a bottle of crisco

When I leave for my prom I’m looking hella fit tho!


Got that “base tan” for spring break break

Peeling out like a snake snake

Spray tanning looks so fake fake

I’m betting errrybody loves my tan tan

Salon folk, they my fam fam

Wrinkled up like my gran….ma…


Just stop, tanning shop

Damaged skin is so not hot

I’m white, it’s alright

Artificial light ain’t right


Tik Tok, yeah this sucks

Tanning bed got sweat and yuck now

Oh oh oh oh


Your UV-A

It breaks skin down

I may get brown

But it’s ugly

Base tan’s a myth

Wrinkled AF

The boys swipe left

Tanning’s ugly

Salons they lie

They break me down

Fake orange clowns

Yeah they fooled me

I won’t tan up

Please don’t tan up

Please don’t tan up
Now the party’s just lit with my real skin